New York Fold

New York Pizza is known the world round to have a unique style and flavour. People in the states travel long distances to get a bite of the jumbo slices of a New York pizza. In Australia though, such a thing is hard to come by.

New York Fold not only brings to Adelaide the glorious New York style pizza but they put it in one of the best of locations, BRKLYN in Rundle St. Headed by Renew Adelaide, BRKLYN has built an inviting lounge bar and eatery space. New York Fold the most recent addition alongside Deli Sandwiches, the venue creates an urban food market feel in a limited space. Entirely cosy and exciting.

Now to what’s really important, the pizza. New York Fold are true to their word in bringing a experience of the streets if New York to Adelaide. The slices are large and the toppings saucy. New York Fold looks to keep things simple, with pizzas with few ingredients yet plenty of flavour. Their NY Style sauce is enough to make every bite satisfying, on top of that though NYF greets us with 5 delectable options.

Whether it be the HellBoy with Mozzarella, Pepperoni, and Buzzbomb Chilli Honey, the Bunno’s with Mozz, Onion, and Chilli and Fennel Port Sausage, or maybe you go with the classic plain slice with Mozz and Crak’n Slice Spice. Either way you slice it, New York fold uncomplicates pizza and instead introduces just pizza with size and a great taste. Natural ingredients, an excellent base and New York Fold’s patented pizza holders, New York Fold looks to deliver an experience you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

New York Fold is open now inside BRKLYN on Rundle Street in Adelaide. They are open Tuesday to Friday 6pm – 10pm and Saturday 6pm – Late. Go check it out now and experience the zest of the Big Apple in Adelaide.

Words by Jonathan Tonkin

WHERE: 260A Rundle St, Adelaide


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