Adelaide Fringe 2019 – Queen of the F*cking World

Friday night was the opening night of Marysia Trembecka’s ‘Queen of the F*cking World’. The sold out Edinburgh Fringe show made its Adelaide Fringe debut at La Boheme on Grote Street. Trembecka took us through the story of her life and her journey to becoming Queen of her f*cking world.

Full of female empowerment, this show encouraged viewers to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. With references to popular culture ‘queens’ such as Beyonce and actual Queens like the Queen of England, Trembeckas charisma and conviction had us singing to her songs by the end of the show and learning how to pole dance on stage.

The important message portrayed in Trembecka’s story is that women have been and will continue to be judged in everything that they do. She’d know best, she was at one stage an exotic dancer. However, she says that her dancing gave her the confidence in herself and her own body she needed to become the queen of her world. Other references to Mary Magdalen, Lady MacBeth and other women who had dealt with judgement throughout their lives, detailed that people will always judge you and put you down, but that shouldn’t hold you back!

Trembecka had an unconventional upbringing but is a testament that even if you come from very little, you can still be the queen of your own world. Her story inspires viewers to be confident in themselves and as her mother told her, don’t be a princess, be a queen!

Words by Indy Salerno

WHERE: 36 Grote St, Adelaide


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