30ml Coffee Food Bar – Friday Pizza Night

30ml is keeping the doors open from 6 pm until late on Friday evenings to serve you some truly delicious wood oven pizza. As avid lovers of all things pizza, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to relax, feast and enjoy their new menu.

When entering 30ml on a Friday eve, the first thing you’ll notice is the drool-worthy aroma of the wood oven; the sensory promise of great things to come. The second will be the welcoming smile of someone ready to remind you why pizza is life. The third will be the onset of fresh hunger pangs…

The menu is simple and covers all of the classics, of which we sampled many. Highlights for us were the Schiacciata (a salty white pizza seasoned with oil, garlic and thyme) drizzled with their house made pesto (order this on the side), the Bufala (basically a margherita topped with the much sexier bufala mozzarella) to which we added kalamata olives and the flavour packed Funghi (field mushrooms, three cheeses and a drizzle of truffle oil).

The pizza was uncomplicated with each variety including only a few toppings. As with any meal, especially the simple ones, great quality ingredients are a must. 30ml import their flour and canned tomatoes direct from Naples, the birth place of world class pizza, with the rest of their produce sourced locally from here in SA.

After our meal, we sat down with the pizzaiolo (that’s Italian for ‘pizza chef’) over a couple of glasses of the very smashable Vigna Bottin Fiano (a boutique winery in McLaren Vale) to discuss all things pizza. David has spent the last ten years working with his wood oven at home, perfecting the dough and building up his reputation amongst family and friends. Like so many of us, the end of his week was often celebrated by relaxing with a glass of wine and feasting on pizza. The thought of bringing this to 30ml was an organic one, borne of wanting to be a place where others could come and enjoy these same simple things with a relaxed neighbourhood vibe, out of the bustle of the nearby busier streets.

Honestly, we thank 30ml for opening their doors later because their pizza is fantastic. The dough is proofed for 36 hours allowing the slices to hold their form, even with the incredible juicy toppings. This makes it great for takeaway as well as dining in. Finally – woodoven pizza to be properly enjoyed at home!

Friday night is pizza night and we are welcoming this artisanal pizzaiolo’s creations with open arms and rumbling bellies.

Words by Vanessa De Chellis

WHERE: 4 Kensington Rd, Rose Park


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