Tassal Salmon – Super Salmon Super Sunday

Last Sunday we were treated to Tassal Super Salmon Super Sunday at Adelaide Oval. Tassal Salmon were very keen on informing us of the many benefits of their Super Salmon as well as showing us a cooking demonstration with none other than Susie Burrell. Susie Burrell is one of Australia’s leading dieticians, and insists that Tassal Salmon should be a part of everyone’s diet, no matter what age. The many nutrients, vitamins and omega-3 in salmon are essential in creating a balanced diet.

Susie says that salmon is the “original superfood’ and assists with a variety of health benefits. Tassal Salmon describe the benefits derived from their salmon as ‘Super Powers’-

Super Happy – Salmon is a brilliant mood booster!
Super Vision – Revitalise your eyes with a tasty salmon dinner.
Super Strength – Salmon has a load of protein to assist in muscle building.
Super Healing – Boosts the immune system and is a perfect natural remedy for stress.
Super Play – Unlock some energy with Tassal salmon to enrich your mind and body.
Super Memory – Work to your maximum potential with Tassal salmon in your diet.
Super Sleep – Salmon boosts the body’s natural serotonin levels to help you sleep.
Super Sparkle – Prevent aging and give your skin, hair and nails a bit of sparkle.
Super Productive – Get the cogs going in your brain with Tassal salmon.
Super Immunity – Keep your immune system strong with the benefits of salmon.

These ‘super powers’ are an easy and fun way to remember the true powers that salmon has.

Susie showed us how to prepare three delicious and easy recipes using Tassal Salmon. Salmon Tacos, Salmon & Sweet Potato Patties and Sweet & Sticky Salmon Skewers are both very delicious as well as quick to make.

After the cooking demonstrations, we got to have a quick Q&A with some of the Hobart Hurricanes and even a quiz with some awesome prizes!

The kids were able to play a few rounds of cricket with the Hobart Hurricanes in the fan-zone after the food was served. It was amazing to see the Hurricanes in action as well as learning some winning cricket skills ourselves!

Thank you so much to Tassal Salmon for having us, we can’t wait to cook up a storm with Super Salmon! You can find Tassal Salmon in select supermarkets. To learn more about the amazing benefits of Tassal Salmon, visit their website for more information.

Words by Kitty Barr



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