Sneaky Pickle

Last Saturday night we were treated to a star-spangled spread of slow-cooked meats, tasty appetizers and scrumptious sides from the legendary Sneaky Pickle on Goodwood Road. Sneaky Pickle are big on bringing American flavours to South Australia and have travelled across the USA tasting and taking notes of the many flavours and dishes to bring back to their restaurant.

Starting as a food truck years back, Sneaky Pickle have grown rapidly and have completely revamped a previous motor body shop into a welcoming space with true American spirit. The ceiling is draped with fairy lights, giving a very ‘backyard BBQ’ feel. As you dine, you can see the smoke house where they smoke their meats for hours on end. Depending on their size, the meats are smoked for 8-12 hours until they are juicy and tender. It’s no wonder why Sneaky Pickle have a line out the door for dinner!

Hard Blueberry Lemonade

Refreshing and naughtily sweet, this alcoholic lemonade is made in house to perfection. In a tall glass and a gorgeous fuchsia colour, this cocktail is a fantastic palette cleanser. Tangy and zesty, this drink is easy to drink on a very hot day! Garnished with fresh mint and blueberries, the Hard Blueberry Lemonade is one to add to your order!

Fried Pickles with Ranch

The most American starter we could ever think of, these fried pickles are a game changer. Reminding us of fair-ground food favourites, the pickles are crunchy and sweet and devilishly delicious dipped in creamy ranch.

Chipotle Corn with Lime Mayo

Chargrilled, sweet and juicy, this side of corn is unreal. The lime mayo is zingy, fresh and creamy and contrasts very well with the smokey corn. The yellow and pale green colours are beautiful together and add a fresh twist to the meal.

Cherry Smoked Wings with Alabama White Sauce

A classic American BBQ favourite, these tender wings are tossed in a honeyed sweet sauce and cooked to perfection. With the meat so soft that it falls off the bone and skin with a slight crunch, these wings are exquisite. Served with slices of pickles that add a fun tangy twist, these wings aren’t to miss!

“Slap Ya Mama” Fried Chicken with Ranch

A staple dish in the deep South of America, this fried chicken is seasoned beautifully. The golden-brown coating is peppery and laced with a slight heat kick. Spiced with Cajun pepper and with seasoning so good it makes its name appropriate! Covered in a herby crunchy coating and paired with iconic ranch, this juicy chicken appetizer is great to share.

Texas Beef Bowl with Corn Bread

A dish originating in Texas, Sneaky Pickle’s rendition of chilli con carne and corn bread is hearty and rich with a kick of spice. Chunks of tender beef and beans are in a thickened tomato-based sauce packed with heavy garlic and onion flavours. The cornbread is golden and fluffy, made very tasty with cheese and jalapeños. An authentic taste of the USA, this appetizer is a great addition to the smoked meats.

Mac & Cheese

Gooey and cheesy, this mac and cheese has our mouths watering! Perfectly cooked macaroni pasta shells are stirred into a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and topped with melted cheese. A huge household staple both in the USA and in Australia, Sneaky Pickle’s mac and cheese is comforting and traditional.


Crunchy cabbage and carrot in a creamy tangy sauce makes the perfect side for a BBQ. We loved the sweet mayonnaise sauce with the fresh tastes and textures from the veggies. A generous serve of slaw is perfect to share and pair with the rich and smokey meats, or to have on its own.

Warm Potato Salad

One of our favourite sides, warm and crisp roast potatoes are tossed in a creamy sauce and finished with tart spring onions and chives. The potatoes are fluffy and served generously with the perfect amount of sauce. We have never tasted a potato salad so good!

Chilli Cheese Fries

My favourite side from them all, these fries are heaven on a plate! Shoe-string fries are topped heavily with warm chilli and strips of crunch tortilla chips, the drizzled with ranch and jalapeños. Lashings of melted American cheese sauce finish this starter and make it one of the best. It’s like a teaser for what makes Sneaky Pickle great.



With a texture like butter, this insanely tender and juicy brisket is smokey with a hint of sweetness. A popular BBQ meat in America, this brisket is soft, tasty and sweet. The brisket has been wood smoked for hours like all of Sneaky Pickle’s smoked meats, and we can really taste the smokey dense flavours.

Pork Loin Ribs

The most delicious, sticky and tender ribs you’ll ever eat! A crisp, dark skin with tender meat and added sweetness, these ribs are to die for! With a kick of garlic and spice in the glaze, these ribs are an all year round favourite and a star dish for Sneaky Pickle. Available as a 500g half rack or a 1kg full rack, these ribs are great if you’re going solo or ready to share. You wouldn’t want to leave without trying them.

Pulled Pork

This perfectly smoked pulled pork is a nod to the tastes of the southern US states. Slightly sweet but still smokey and rich, this meat is juicy and tender. Smoked for no less than 8 hours, the pulled pork here is coated in a barbeque sauce glaze and is shredded into hearty portions. Great with added hickory BBQ sauce on the table or as one of Sneaky Pickles’ sandwiches, the pulled pork goes down a treat!

Hot Links

A house made sausage made with sharp cheddar and fiery jalapeños, this plump and juicy link is packed full of flavour. Like the other meats, the hot links are smoked for hours to obtain the perfect smokey flavour and texture. We loved the hot links with a splash of barbeque sauce.

Sneaky Pickle is open for dinner from 5.30pm to 9.00pm from Wednesday to Saturday. They also offer their food trucks for events and catering for weddings and social functions, see their website for locations and their daily truck menu. Thank you so much to Sneaky Pickle for having us, we had a rodeo of a time and are already counting the days until we are back!

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 94 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood


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