Serafino Wines – Summer Menu 2018

With a backyard full of seasonal vegetables and locally grown produce, there is a good chance one of Mclaren Vales original restaurants, Serafino will do the region justice by celebrating the flavours of summer and Italian roots in their new summer menu.

In summer we indulge in juicy fruits such as cherries, blackberries, peaches, strawberries and experiment with sweet vegetables like eggplant, a variety of garden lettuces, bright orange squash, ripe tomato, zucchinis and so much more.

We worked our way through all of the new dishes on Serafino’s summer menu and it was a delight to see an abundance of these ingredients in this seasons dishes

First up.

Native lime cured Kingfish Crudo with vibrant beetroot jell, pomegranate, parsley oil and a creamy buttermilk sauce. The dish was well balanced, mellow acidity from the limes, richness from the sauce and juicy burst of sweetness from the pomegranate which accompany the delicate kingfish.

Zucchini Flower stuffed with a smokey eggplant pure. A big tick in the summer vegetable line up. Served with thick paprika tahini, sofrito which is lightly sautéed tomatoes, garlic and onion in butter and olive oil. Topped ever so delicately with buerre noisette, “burnt butter snow”.

Goats Cheese Pana Cotta with smoked Taronga almonds, thinly sliced radish, pickled watermelon rind and baby cos. We enjoyed the sour flavour of the watermelon and the combination of buttery cos. A light entree, a must for any cheese lover.

One of our favourite dishes of the day, Quail Egg Ravioli. House-made ravioli with whole quail egg, carefully encased in ricotta, preserved lemon and fresh chives. Cooked perfectly, one will enjoy the oddly satisfying piercing of the egg yolk, adding a lovely richness to the truffle butter sauce, parmesan tulle and bitter charred garden leaf.

Then seconds.

Local Crispy Skinned Duck and Pumpkin Puree with a delicious sticky duck and plum sauce. Lovely smokiness to the dish with hints of vanilla and schezuan.

Braised Hay Valley Lamb and Daikon with a sweat, burnt onion aioli. Served with heirloom carrots wrapped in pastry and lightly fried bringing the dish a little crunch plus a mouthful of bitter chard from the garden to cut through the rich, tender lamb.

“Flavours of the sea” Frutti di Mare. An exciting dish featuring some incredible seafood. Smoked eel, Morton Bay bug tails, local squid and a new one for us… leather jacket cheeks. On arrival, the dish is delicate and topped with a paprika foam. To serve, the dish is dressed in a beautiful golden tomato consommé and salmon roe for that last burst of flavour. a real textural treat for those who love a classic marinara!

Nomad Farmed Chicken rolled with truffle and crispy skin. Served with creamy sweetcorn polenta, fungi, Genoa fig and more truffle sauce. Yum! A real earthy dish, rich, savoury, salty.

Market fish. Kingfish, perfectly cooked with a thin crispy skin served with daikon, kombu gel, house-made XO sauce, buttermilk and nori. Incredibly complex dish with a twist on traditional XO beans dish, using prosciutto and addition of coconut cream. Real spicy kick, which we loved!

Spaghetti and Nasturtium. House-made spaghetti with nasturtium, a herbaceous flowering plant giving it a lovely fresh fragrance. served with summer squash, crunchy macadamia nuts, pickled pear and finely shaved Pyengana cheddar.

Third and final.

Granita and Stone Fruits. A fresh combination of poached peaches and foamy creme brulée topped with lemon myrtle and ginger granita. Topped with crunchy macadamias

Chocolate and Berries emerging from a smokey wine box. Rich dark chocolate mousse, blueberry sorbet, sour cherry foam and cocoa nib glass. A visual experience not to be missed!

Last but not least

Vanilla Vale with textures of blackberries. Sorbet, compote, jell and meringues. Finished with cinnamon crumble.

Great menu by Chef Dan Armon and the team at Serafino. Beautiful use of seasonal ingredients and fascinating to hear the development and inspiration behind the dishes. A real pleasure to taste the menu and watch the wandering ducks explore the beautiful grounds of Serafino.

We look forward to what’s to come in Autumn.

Words by Charlotte Gieck

WHERE: 39 Kangarilla Rd, McLaren Vale


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