MiMi – Brunch Menu

There’s a new café on the block serving up a unique blend of modern Thai with western touches – and that café goes by the name of MiMi.

Having recently opened their doors on November 10, MiMi has transformed the space formerly occupied by East of Norman Kitchen and Bar into a snug eatery with pendant lights, greenery and large open windows.

Part-owned by Steven Lee, who is also behind the popular Korean street tapas restaurant Plus 82 POCHA on Grenfell Street, MiMi slips into a spot that lies between formal and casual dining.

We paid MiMi a visit to try their weekend ‘Brunch Me Up’ menu, consisting of all your classic brunch favourites with a modernised Thai twist.

Edamame Avo and Poached Eggs

The Edamame Avo and Poached Eggs puts a unique spin on the crowd-favourite that is avocado on toast by adding a touch of traditional Thai ingredients to the mix. Spread atop two slices of thick toasted bread was a generous layer of bright green avocado guacamole with the slightest hint of wasabi sauce. Two eggs sat on top which were poached to perfection, as it took one swift slice for the yolk to ooze out and soak into the crunchy bread underneath. What caught our eye were two magenta and green dainty circles on top, which we discovered were thin slices of watermelon radish – quite a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. Sprinkled around the eggs were vibrant green edamame beans, adding a crunch to the smooth avocado guacamole. Garnished with sesame seeds, rocket and furikake (which are dried flakes of Japanese seasoning made from red rice), this dish was far more than just your basic avo on toast and is a must-try brunch staple!

Thai Basil and Chilli Omelette

This Thai-style omelette was packed full of flavour, with the basil adding a herbal zing whilst the chilli added a slight sweetness to the savoury flavours (have no fear, these are chillies of the capsicum kind and not of the spicy kind!). Consisting of parsley, cucumber, red capsicum and diced pink watermelon raddish, a sprinkling of salad on top added a crisp freshness to the warm egg within the savoury omelette. The inside of the omelette was the perfect consistency – bouncy, fluffy and not too runny. Served with two slices of crispy toasted bread on the side to soak up the slight oozing egg yolk of the omelette, this dish is the perfect brunch item to warm you up on those chilly early mornings.

Buddha Bowl

Incorporating practically all the colours of the rainbow, the Buddha Bowl is an explosion of vibrant colours and hues that is sure to instantly brighten up your day! A trend that has recently swept the foodie scene by storm, Buddha Bowls are colourful, healthy dishes composed of veggies, grains and protein topped with dressing – all served in a bowl that’s easy to take with you on the go. This particularly hearty Buddha Bowl consisted of crisp carrot, edamame beans, sautéed broccolini, succulent Asian mushrooms, yellow pickled cauliflower and zesty pink cabbage. Bringing all of this together to complete the wholesome meal were the delicious sweet potato noodles, topped with a Yuzu soy dressing. Sitting on top were intricately patterned lotus leaves, which were perfect to enjoy alongside the dish and closely resembled vegie chips. These little beauties were so addictive, we wished we could buy an entire packet to take home!

MiMi Iron Pan Not Iron Man

Beautifully presented within an iron pan atop a wooden round paddle board, the Iron Pan Not Iron Man not only had a brilliant pun within its name, but was also a brunch feast that closely rivaled many of the big breakfasts served at cafes across the city. With the choice being yours as to how your eggs are cooked (fried, scrambled or poached eggs), we received a generous serving of scrambled eggs topped with a crack of salt and pepper, smack bang in the middle of the pan to bring all of the elements together. Two large slices of crispy sourdough bread poking out of one side of the pan acted as the perfect base to enjoy with the fluffy eggs and succulent grilled tomato. Sautéed broccolini added some fibrous green colour to the big breakfast, whilst the earthy mushrooms paired perfectly with the tender bacon rashers.

Pancake With Brûlée Banana

No brunch is complete without an item to satisfy your sweet tooth, and the Pancake With Brûlée Banana was the perfect dessert item that can be enjoyed at any time of day! Each intricate decorative detail was as decadent as it was dazzling, making it the most Insta-worthy dish of them all. Served on the side was a little pot of maple syrup, which we certainly had fun drizzling on top! The pancake was surprisingly thick and fluffy inside, soaking up the sweet maple syrup like a sponge. Layered on top were two halves of caramelised banana, which were coated in a golden glaze that glistened in the low pendant lighting of the store. Towering over the creation was a rounded scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream, which added a contrasting coolness to the warmth of the pancake beneath. Topped with edible violets, decorative parsley, fresh sliced strawberries and crumbs of freeze-dried raspberries, this pancake is a feast on the eyes as well as the tastebuds!

Blending Thai elements with timeless brunch favourites, MiMi is the perfect new hotspot for Adelaide brunch-goers to spend their weekends enjoying a unique variety of menu options in a cosy atmosphere.

Located on Sturt Street in the CBD, MiMi’s brunch menu is available Saturdays and Sundays only from 9am – 2:30pm.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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