Lucky Dumpling Market 2018

The Oz Asia Festival has for many years been delighting the residents of Adelaide with the sights and sounds of the myriad of cultures found in Asia. The Moon Lantern parade, the fine selection of shows and, as of 2017, the Lucky Dumpling Markets. If anything says Asia, it’s their palette of delicious and flavoursome food. From the spices of India, to the noodles of Japan, to the pastries of Vietnam. So many flavours have come to make Asia known as a foodie destination and they are all represented here, at the Lucky Dumpling Markets.

Returning to the banks of the Torrens River, the Lucky Dumpling Markets looks to introduce a whirlwind of food to Adelaide. Cuisines on offer include Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Indian and more. No matter your preference you’ll find something to delight your taste buds. With a warm and inviting setting, you can sit back and enjoy the afternoon, and a lounge and Saki bar continue the festivities well into the night.

To accompany your meal, the folks at the Lucky Dumpling Markets have curated an incredible program of entertainment from bands both local and from abroad. Act’s include the likes of India’s Vikku Vinayakram, Malaysia’s Nading Rhapsody, The Philippines’ Joey Ayala, Australia’s Moonta Street and many more. This all comes together to develop a chill vibe for you enjoy with friends and treat your taste buds.

Now lets talk about what’s really important, the food. As expected the selection is huge but the dishes that may draw your attention are the Butter Chicken Dumplings from Ragi’s Spicery for a perfect blend of Indian and Chinese. Or Teppanyaki Noodles who do what they call the Teppanyaki OZ Special which combines noodles, cheese, beef and chicken all stir-fried to perfection. If you’re after something sweeter, walk on over to Bao+ and try their enticing Oreo Churros. Regardless of your taste it’s pretty clear that a visit to the Dumpling Market is a yummy night spent.

The Lucky Dumpling Markets will be open every night from October 25th to November 11th. Tues-Fri 4:30pm – late. Sat-Sun 12:00pm – late.


Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: The Parasol Pavilion, Riverbank Precinct in front of the Convention Centre


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