Q Viet

Q Viêt is an all-new Vietnamese restaurant to hit Adelaide’s northwest.

Only a fifteen-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD and nestled in with a lovely Vietnamese community, it’s no wonder Q Viêt is considered to serve some of the best authentic Vietnamese food.

With a fresh Scandinavian style interior with beautiful timber features, the new modern interior is open and inviting, making any guest feel welcome and at home.

Only been open for a month, Q Viêt is already is a very popular location and is constantly bustling with customers.

Q Viêt is operated through a partnership between four families, who take pride in serving only the best quality food to their customers and introducing them to the Vietnamese culture.

They serve many delicious home-style dishes to show the people of Adelaide what authentic Vietnamese food should taste like, but with a bit of a modern twist.

Ga Xien Que – Marinated chicken thigh fillet on skewers with house made peanut dipping sauce – The marinated chicken skewers were cooked wonderfully and has a thick marinade that was sweet and sticky. The light satay style sauce was smooth and creamy in texture but packed full of flavour. Not too overpowerd by the peanut flavour, there was a generous amount of sauce, perfect to get some in every bite. The crumbs that topped the dish was a lovely texture balance with the smooth sauce and the tender chicken, paired with more crunch. Perfect for a starter or even a snack on the go.

Cut Nuong – Grilled Quail – The quail was cooked well and had a lovely crunch to the skin that paired well with the sticky sweet marinade. I could not stop licking my fingers and scarping up what was left of the delicious marinade coating. The whole quail was a great starter dish and left us wanting more.

Goi – Prawn Vietnamese salad – Containing deliciously fresh prawns, the salad had a strong, almost sour tang in dressing; which was somewhat spicy and left a heat on the tongue. The slaw-based salad was beautifully crunchy and crisp. While the prawns helped lighten the strong tang and cool the mouth. You can also choose to have the salad with pork and prawns or chicken and prawns instead.

Pho Tai Nam – Rare sliced beef and slow cooked brisket in a gently spiced beef broth with noodles –The broth was beautifully warm and held strong beefy flavours and was seasoned perfectly, not too salty. Paired with lovely cooked meat and smooth soft noodles. The spring onion and coriander added freshness to the dish but also added crunch and extra flavour. A family recipe, their deep beefy-broth was just perfect and I would happily eat it all day if I could. Overall, a delicious and hearty meal that is perfect for the cool days still to come. You can also choose between different bowl sizes depending on how hungry you are; and of course we got the large.

Bun Thap Cam – Roasted pork, spring rolls and grilled pork ball – The loaded salad had a beautiful mix of flavours and textures. The spring roll was delicious and had a crispy outer and soft centre, which was full of flavour and spice. The pork was cooked well and was tender but held that beautiful crispy and crunchy crackling skin that we all love. The crisp fresh salad paired well with the more savoury meaty flavours and helped to lighten the dish overall. The sausage was also light and held a sweet and slightly peppered flavour, delicious balance with the savoury meet and the sweetness of the pork crackling.

Pad Thai – Seafood Thai stir-fry with rice noodles – The pad thai was mixed together through a wonderful thick creamy sauce. It had a hint of chilli but it wasn’t too overpowering so anyone coud eat this dish; with chilli flacks on the side so those who seek for more heat can add more to their liking. The noodles were beautifully cooked and the dish had a generous amount of seafood. Lovely balance of flavour and spices. It has a hint of saltiness from the seafood and scrambled egg that also added a more savoury tone to the lighter sauce. You can also choose to have the Pad Thai with chicken or beef, or even tofu.

Com Tam Dac Biet – Combination of broken rice served with grilled pork chop, roasted pork, shredded pork skin and fried egg – The pork was well cooked and beautifully tender, with crispy, salty crackling. The tender grilled pork chop had a slightly smoky flavour and has a nice, sweet marinade on top. The rice was soft and added flavour, while the egg and steamed vegetables were beautiful and helped add to the already filling meal. With this large proportioned dish, you definitely have to have a big appetite.

Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Nam – Sticky fish sauce chicken wings – Who doesn’t love chicken wings? They were cooked beautifully and held a crunchy outer skin with a lovely tender centre. A slight spice came from the capsicum, while the spring onion and coriander gave more flavour and added another level of freshness to the dish. The marinade was sticky and sweet, which kept us wanting more.

All dishes were generously sized and were packed full of flavour, and it was evident that the family orientated business took care in serving the best quality food to their customers.

A lovely taste of authentic Vietnamese food, hidden within the north-western suburbs of Adelaide is a lovely delight to all who visit.

Open from 10:00am – 8:30pm from Tuesday till Sunday, there is no excuse to not visit Q Viêt and immerse yourself into the Vietnamese culture. You will not be disappointed.

With their wide selection of dishes on offer, there is something that everyone can enjoy.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 60 Ridley Grove, Woodville Gardens


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