Chinatown Plaza – Cherry Blossom Yum Cha Disco

In the last few weeks Spring has begun in a flourish across Adelaide, with trees blossoming into flower across the city. Inspired by traditional Japanese celebrations of the first buds of the season with food, music and dance, Chinatown Plaza recently revelled in the blooming with their own floral party: the Cherry Blossom Yum Cha Disco.

Walking in through sprays of cherry blossoms blushing from between the coloured light of hanging lanterns, we were greeted with a cocktail created especially for the evening. Delicate, yet deceptively potent, cherry blossom liquor was mixed with a fruity lychee spirit and topped with a spritz of Tomich Wines’s sparkling. The effervescence of the wine helped to lift the sweetness of the spirits and we happily sipped our rosy pink concoctions as classic disco music pulsed across the dancefloor, sending toes tapping and hips swaying around the room.

Chinatown Plaza standardly has a huge range of affordable and delicious Asian inspired dishes, ranging from large bowls of pho to crispy roast duck. In addition to two drinks, our tickets for the evening also included a selection of three of their yum cha dishes prepared fresh by vendors within the Plaza. The classic bamboo steamer baskets were unlidded to reveal delectable hand crimped vegetable dumplings, tender poached meats and plump pork buns.

As warmer times promise ahead, the Plaza is looking to offer future music and arts inspired events in their creative and eclectic venue. Keep an eye out on their Facebook and Instagram page for updates.

Words by Danielle Clarke

WHERE: Moonta St, Adelaide


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