The Noble Gentleman

Meet the Noble Gentleman.

Situated in the newly revamped Topham Mall, the latest addition to Adelaide’s bar scene serves as an embodiment of a dapper gentleman.

But, don’t be quick to associate it with the stuffy, monocle-wearing aristocrat of yesteryear. Rather, the bar embodies a sharp-suited, chivalrous, classic gentleman.

The bar exudes New York City vibes with glossy, intimate leather booths, recycled exposed brick, a cured meats display fridge, and op-shop telephones and suitcases decorating the walls.

Brainchild of the Kidd Retail Group, the Noble Gentleman, is part wine bar and part inner city cellar door. It also offers a great selection of shareable food, including fresh prawns, lamb cutlets, and cured meat platters.

While you might not think of Topham Mall, located between Currie St and Waymouth St, as much of an evening hotspot, the Kidd Retail Group seeks to change that.

Steven Kidd, head of the Kidd Retail Group, said that they wanted to introduce something different into Topham Mall, and thought a wine bar was a great choice.

“There’s a great selection off food here too – we’ve partnered with local producers Barossa Fine Foods,” said Kidd. You’ll also find the much-loved local brand Section28 Cheese have a presence on the food menu.

“We wanted to activate a nice, seductive sort of venue. We feel we’ve hit the mark; it’s a great venue.”

For all of the suits that work in the area, the wine bar will elevate Topham Mall as the perfect spot to relax after a day in the office, especially with the forever-busy Lady Burra Brewhouse next door.

In addition to the already exceptional wine list on offer at the Noble Gentleman, the bar will also routinely offer up new varieties and new winemakers to try.

“There’s about 45 wineries around Adelaide that don’t have a cellar door.”

“So, every month we’ll have winemakers coming in to the venue and using our space to grow their business more, and give our consumer a bit more variety too,” said Kidd.

So, when you’re looking for a sleek and stylish place to enjoy an after-work wine (or five), check out The Noble Gentleman in Topham Mall.

With Lady Burra, The Noble Gentleman, and an upcoming cafe sitting neatly in a row on Topham Mall, The Kidd Retail Group are going to be able to sort out your eating and drinking needs at any time of the day – whether it’s coffee and cake, prosciutto and fine wine, or beer and wedges.

Words by Liberty Petersen

WHERE: 41 Currie St, Adelaide


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