BarZaar Bar Bistro and Gaming has recently launched a new menu, putting new and modern twists on traditional pub meals.

The venue is starting to get a revamp with a more modern vibe and a new menu that gets redesigned twice a year.

Manager Toni Boscence, takes pride in their customer service and hopes that with the new menu they will create nicer food with fresher produce.

“We changed chefs a couple of moths ago and have brought in more fresh produce, so just not really recreating ourselves, just adding a few new items to attract attention and please customers,” she said.

At BarZaar, we were greeted with wonderful service and a large range of meals to try.

The Chefs Cut of Beef was served with rosemary chat potatoes, grilled corncob and green beans. The Medium rare cut of Beef was lovely tender and juicy and had a lovely smoky flavour to the rich meat from the grill. The green beans added a lovely texture contrast with it’s crunch and the grilled flavour of the corn had a lovely balance with the earthy smoky flavours and the sweetness of the corn.

The Beef Burger was generous in size. Served with cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce, house made sauces and a side of chips; it was BarZaar’s own take on a traditional cheeseburger. The large burger paddy was cooked well. The salad added a lovely freshness to the meat and the balance of the homemade sauce tied the burger together, adding a tangy sweetness to the overall dish.

The Atlantic Salmon was served with salsa verde potatoes, broccolini, grilled lemon and a sticky balsamic dressing. The salmon fillet was of decent size and was cooked well, the meat fresh with a beautiful crispy skin. The potato side was again generous in size and held a slight sweetness to the overall savoury dish. The balsamic dressing and the broccolini added a lovely fresh sweetness to the dish that balanced the salty tones of the fish.

The Sumac Lamb Rump was cooked medium rare with a parsnip puree, roasted herb tomatoes and sautéed greens. The rump was tender and soft which added a good texture contrast with the crunch of the greens. The parsnip puree was delicious and light, a lovely addition to the heavy meat dish.

The Bangers & Mash consisted of thick pork sausages on a bed of mashed potatoes with peas and caramelised onion gravy. The lovely dish had a wonderful, homely feel. The lean sausages were thick and cooked perfectly. The caramelised onion added a lovely sweet tang with the more savoury gravy base. The peas added a fresher sweetness and balanced the softer textures of the dish.

The Chicken Breast was oven baked, served with roasted root vegetables and a creamy mushroom ragout. The chicken was tender and the savoury meat paired well with the earthy tones of the mushroom ragout. The sauce itself was delicious and left me wanting more of it. The roasted vegetables were full of flavour and were cooked perfectly. The vegetables paired well with the chicken and created a lovey balance of sweet and savour in the dish.

The Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni was served with pesto, Parmesan cheese and a rocket salad. The Cannelloni was thick and large in proportion; a good serving but still overall a fairly light meal. The spinach and ricotta cheese centre was balanced well with the thick tomato base sauce that added a stronger savoury element to the cheesy cannelloni. The rocket added a fresher crunch, which was coated in a tangy salad dressing.

For dessert we were served Pancakes with mixed berries, ice cream and maple syrup. The pancakes were light and fluffy, with a sweet flavour. The cakes balanced well with the tang of the fresh berries and the lovely thick, sweet syrup and the cooling sweet vanilla ice cream added another level of sweetness but wasn’t overpowering and all the flavours and textures lead to a lovely dish overall.

All dishes we tasted were wonderfully presented and delicious. You are sure to get a great tasty meal when you come visit BarZaar.

The staff were lovely and the new menu accommodated to any dietary requirement; having vegetarian and gluten free options available.

Open for Lunch Monday to Friday and dinner from Wednesday to Friday, The Bistro Bar and Gaming venue is great for a family get together and even has a lovely Beer Garden for those lovely warmer days.

Located in Unley, BarZaar is in a great location in Adelaide and is the perfect place to grab a delicious, homely meal. So come and give them a visit today.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 166 Unley Rd, Unley


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