St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert – New Improved Ice Cream

St Louis House of fine Ice Cream and Dessert has recently revamped their ice cream recipes to feature even more texture and flavour.

The St Louis ice cream makers have been working on the new recipe since 2012 and have finally, after six years, perfected the perfect ice cream flavour that will satisfy any customer.

The new recipe includes more bolder and stronger textures and flavours mixed in with the creamy base, which were inspired by European and French infusions that can be tasted through out.

We were luckily enough to try St Louis’ new recipe, by tasting four flavours; Cookies and Cream, Wild Strawberry, Ferrero Rocher, and of course the St Louis.

All flavours were beautiful and creamy; full of twists of flavour. The Cookies and Cream contained cookie pieces, the Wild Strawberry containing thick Strawberry coolie marbled through the ice cream, the Ferrero Rocher having crunchy Ferrero Rocher chocolate pieces and the St Louis, having thick caramel mixed through, as well as cool chocolate pieces embedded in the smooth ice cream.

And with the option of adding warm Nutella drizzled onto the crisp waffle cone, the ice creams were beautifully sweet and had the perfect balance of flavours and textures; with the smooth cream and the thicker marbled flavour additives with the crunchy chocolate or cookie pieces.

St Louis House of fine Ice Cream’s new recipe surely leads to an ice cream that any customer will enjoy. The creamy base ice cream mixed with stronger flavours and textures are beautiful and well balanced.

So why not try the new recipe for yourself; with more rich and intense flavours, St Louis Ice Creams will not disappoint.

Words and Photos by Cyndal King


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