Jamaica Blue – Adelaide – Flavours of Winter Menu

One of my favourite things about winter happens indoors: when a cafe I love updates their menu.

Jamaica Blue Myer Centre has been a community hub within Adelaide for 4 years now, not only offering a delicious quick cup of coffee for the busy commuter, but offering a flavourful menu served by friendly staff.

“This location turned over cafes once every six months before I bought it,” said Owner Mona Lamshed, “It was work to get us on the map, but I focused on good coffee, great food and nourishing my community. And four years later we’re going strong!”

Mona worked on private yachts in the Caribbean before becoming a cafe owner, so making the connection between her background and Jamaica Blue was seamless.

“I love that my Jamaica Blue is allowed flexibility, so I can put my personality into the menu and really get creative.” Mona said, lighting up as she spoke about her cafe.

And I gotta say, Mona’s personal menu touches are pretty darn delicious!

Roasted Pumpkin, Chickpea & Dukkah Bowl

For anyone looking for a healthy start to their day, this is the perfect fresh pick-me-up. Quinoa and curry chickpeas offer a filling substance to this bowl, while the spinach, almonds, and feta add a fresh balance. Topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg and you’ll feel pretty darn good at the end of this nourishing meal!

Spiced Apple & Red Currant Oatmeal Bowl

Another one for all the nutrition focused diners out there, myself included! I live for a good bowl of oatmeal, so believe me when I say this is an EPIC bowl of oatmeal! Chia, oats and apples give a symphony of texture, while the dates and dark chocolate a little decadence. Accompanied by the occasional sour burst of red currant and it was all I could do to pause between spoonfuls. One of my new Jamaica Blue faves for sure!

Turkish Spiced Poached Eggs

This plate is stunning to look at! Beautiful herb yogurt and pesto surrounds the plate, framing the fresh spinach, poached eggs and soft flatbread. Bright, zingy flavours marry wonderfully with the creamy egg yolk, all soaked up with a bite of flatbread. A drizzle of chili butter adds a subtle kick, or you can ask for more on the side if you’d like a little extra fire. A delightfully unique and yummy breakfast option!

Salmon & Scrambled Egg Bagel

A total classic done right, if you’re a lover of breakfast staples. A generous helping of light and fluffy scrambled eggs sat between a golden bagel, topped with fresh smoked salmon and buttery green avocado. Totally delish!

Bacon, Egg & Chipotle Roll

While I don’t eat meat, it’s always easy to find a friend who will taste bacon for me! The egg was fried to perfection, allowing the delicious yolk to burst and coat each bite in creamy goodness. The bacon, as I was told, was smokey and cooked so it had a crisp on the outside while remaining juicy in the middle. The stone baked roll was slathered with a chipotle mayo, making this an indulgent breakfast dream!

Homemade Lemon Curd Slice

This one takes a lot of love to make! Layer of pastry and layered with a house-made lemon curd, while additional pastry is put in the freezer and left overnight. In the morning, they grate the frozen pastry over the lemon curd, bake it and dust the whole thing with icing sugar. Buttery and flakey, the pastry is a perfect vessel for the fresh lemon flavours. And the crumbly pastry they grated is such a new texture, if she didn’t tell me it was the same pastry as the base, I would have had no idea! Totally yum.

As I sat and enjoyed my meal, customers continually walked up to greet Mona or offer her a hug. The sense of community she has built here is very clear to see.

If you haven’t visited Jamaica Blue in Rundle Mall’s Myers Centre yet, it’s time to change that. Go grab a quick cup of coffee and a Homemade Lemon Curd Slice or enjoy a long lunch with friends. It’s a wonderful local spot to support!

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: The Myer Centre, Upper Ground, 22 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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