Love Cherish Adore

If you’re a bride-to-be or have ever dreamed of your wedding day, Adelaide’s Love Cherish Adore is your ultimate bridal experience.

It’s sort of like walking into a life sized Pinterest board, except you can actually touch (and sometimes taste) everything presented before you!

And the boutique fair isn’t just for brides. With vendors like InStitchu, a brand new menswear tailor with a unique and effortless made-to-measure online experience, there is something for all you grooms out there, as well.

“We want to make grooms feel special on their big day by offering a range of vendors that they can feel confident and excited to use.” Said founder Susie Styler.

We strolled through the aisles of inspo, looking on as a woman in a stunning wedding dress had a light layer of dewy makeup applied, while using every ounce of self control I had not to snatch a flower crown from a neighbouring table and prance around the entire time wearing it.

Although the experience isn’t limited to things you can see or touch, as mentioned earlier, there are also things to taste.

It’s impossible to miss Lyons Den Cakes stand, with her towers of artfully designed cakes. Perfect for anyone desiring something unique while remaining timeless; we were all too eager to find out if her cakes tasted as good as they looked. Soiler: they do!

“I started making cakes for friends and it took off from there,” said Terresia Welch, “I really love being a bit out there, pushing boundaries and getting creative.”

I was captivated by a hand painted cake with delicate flowers and this lively little bird. However, if your taste is even more unique than this, Lyons Den Cakes will certainly deliver!

“White marble cakes, totally hand-painted cakes… I even did this all black glow-in-the-dark cake once. I usually go for a coffee with my couples, hear their story and get to know who they are, and then we create something special for them”

We tasted the Red Velvet and Lemon cake Lyons Den Cakes was sampling that day and they were an absolute flavour dream! The Red Velvet was my fave with this moist, chocolaty melt-in-my-mouth experience. Followed up by a bright, fresh bite from the delightful lemon sample and it’s enough to justify two cakes at your wedding!

With a boost from our sweet treats, we continued to browse the love-centric booths, from photographers to invitation printers all the way to finding your celebrant, you could very well plan your entire wedding here!

“I am so lucky to be apart of such an exciting day for beautiful couples,” said celebrant Kerry Tudor, “And with the fantastic change of law, I get to marry everyone who is in love. It’s a wonderful time to be a celebrant!”

As we reached the end of our Love Cherish Adore journey, we were stopped in our tracks by Fox & Hound Events, a lovely booth featuring retro rentals with a super cool vintage feel.

“If you can guess which bottle has real whiskey in it and which are filled with fakes, you can have a glass of the real deal.” Jaime Hamilton, director of Fox & Hound Events, cheekily said. Little did she know, my fiance is from Scotland.

However, I almost forgot my whiskey identifying challenge as I lost myself in the charm of her rustic whiskey bar, big plush couch, old fashioned record player and all the little additionals which made her set-up stand out amongst the fresh white everything surrounding it.

“I love that Fox and Hound Events allows me to always be creative and think outside the box,” said Jaime, “Seeing the final product and how happy my couples are with their bespoke pieces. It’s a dream job!”

With 10 years in the wedding industry and a Bachelor of Events Management, it’s clear to understand why Jaime has such an eye for detail.

I pointed to a beveled glass holding a strong amber liquid and Jaime smiled. “You know your whiskey!”

The entire 40 vendors at Love Cherish Adore were all local, independent businesses, thriving off of love while helping couples realize their wedding day dreams.

“We are so passionate about supporting local vendors as they work extremely long, unsociable hours and sacrifice time with friends and family to deliver a top class product or service,”

“We want couples to see first hand how vendors can collaborate with one another to achieve stunning results,” said Susie Styler.

Love Cherish Adore certainly is a special event, allowing the soon-to-be married a chance to experience what’s on their Pinterest boards while supporting amazing local businesses.

I myself am getting married in a few short months and attended Love Cherish Adore last year to help us prepare for the upcoming big day! I can’t recommend this lovely fair enough and want to give a big congrats to everyone celebrating love in their life, however you may choose to honour it!

Words by Jamieson Eileen


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