Tasting Australia 2018 – Town Square Opening

One of Australia’s most popular food and wine festivals, Tasting Australia, is back once again this year.
The festival is bigger and better than ever before this year, with 140 events across 11 South Australian regions over the next week.

“Tasting Australia is a perfect fit for this state. It gives us a platform to celebrate our passion for the industry and our incomparable regions of first-class produce. This trifecta of people, place and produce is what underpins Tasting Australia and sets Adelaide and its regions apart from the rest of the country,” says Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, David Ridgway.

One of these 140 events, the popular Tasting Australia Town Square in the CBD’s Victoria Square, will be opening to the public from Tuesday 17th April and will stay open until Sunday 22nd April.

A variety of local food and drink vendors will be at the square, including Beyond India, Andre’s Cucina, Pizzateca, and Gelista, to welcome the public (who get free entry, by the way!) into the festival of the year!

There will definitely be no shortage of fun and laughter with local DJs spinning tunes while guests gather around the outdoor fireplaces.

Opening day on Tuesday 17th April will also feature a Q&A in the early evening with some of Tasting Australia’s star chefs including Paul West, hosted by Tasting Australia Programming Director, Jock Zonfrillo.

“I would actually disagree that this is just the state’s premium food and wine festival. It has, without question, become Australia’s best food and wine festival. There is no food and wine festival that can rival the amount of events that cover all price points, the different regions that we’re able to reach during these ten days, and, of course, the talent that we have,” says Jock.

Tasting Australia Town Square is open from 11am til late every day until Sunday 22nd April so make sure to check it out before they pack up for the year!

Words and Photos by Geena Ho

WHERE: Victoria Square, Adelaide


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