Smallfry Seafood – New Autumn Menu 2018

They might be called Smallfry, but don’t let the name fool you. They’re serving up some big flavours!

Bringing together a fusion of Japanese and traditional Australian, Smallfry Seafood is a contemporary seafood bar located on Waymouth Street, just off of King William. It’s the kind of spot you’d feel as comfortable dashing in to grab some takeout as you would sitting down for a casual lunch; laid back vibes mixed with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.

Owners and friends Jack Lim & Nick Wong previously ran a food truck. However, they felt Adelaide was lacking in a simple, delicious seafood joint. While most of us would just complain to our buds over beers when we’re unable to find our fave eats, Lim & Wong decided if they can’t find it, they’d create it!

And, I’d say, they’ve more than accomplished this goal!

With an emphasis on making sure all their fish is fresh, they keep their dishes simple, traditional and expertly executed. We stopped in to try their new menu and left full and pretty darn happy.

Check out some of the tasty dishes Smallfry Seafood is serving up!

Lobster Roll

I realised I have not found a really good lobster roll in Adelaide yet, so I was stoked to see it offered on the Smallfry menu! Made with fresh, flavourful lobster and complemented with bright shallots, crispy celery, and their creamy Smallfry secret sauce, it is all wrapped in a warm, buttered bun toasted with a little char for a hint of smokiness. Offered with a side of epically seasoned fries (seriously, I want to know what their blend is!), there was even a killer coleslaw which married cabbage, apple, ginger and a little secret sauce to give you a new flavour with each bite.

This was probably my favourite item for its stand-out flavours and beautiful simplicity.

Ocean Platter

We tried the smaller version of their tricked out Ocean Platter, tasting their prawns, soft-shell crab and calamari. On a completely unrelated side-note, have you ever tried to say “soft-shell crab” ten times fast? Maybe it’s just me, but I started to sound like Sean Connery when I tried to do so! I digress. Back to the food!

This is another dish which hits fried food out of the park. The batter is light and crispy and fried so everything remains decadent without being overly oily. Dipped in chipotle mayo for a little spicy creaminess and offered with a slice of lemon to add some zing, this is not a dish for dieters, but would make a perfect cheat meal!

Golden Fish Laksa

I have been obsessed with laksa lately and, moving into winter, I am so glad I know this one exists! Cooked in a spicy curry coconut base and filled with nourishing barked wheat soba noodles, their laksa features freshly caught and lightly fried fish, prawns, mussels, scallops and snake bean… or as I boringly call it: “asparagus”. Served alongside a slice of tasty buttered bread to help soak up all that delicious coconut soup-base, this is the kind of comfort food you can feel good about demolishing.

Daily Fresh Oysters

We had ours au naturel and, when Smallfry say “fresh”, they mean fresh! Offered with a little ponzu to add some salty flavours and a wedge of lemon for citrus, these are a true classic which went down all too easy.

Fish & Chips

Smallfry Seafood really has fried food down to a science, and their fish and chips was no exception. Dedicated to offering the best seafood in town, they use a mix of locally-caught as well as imported seafood. We tried their New Zealand Hoki, which is beer battered using Mountain Goat Steam Ale. At first, I was curious as to why they don’t use 100% local fish, but then I tasted their hoki. It was beautifully flakey and held up perfectly within the crispy layer of lightly fried beer batter. Of course, they have local fish as an option on their menu, but I was totally digging the NZ fish they had to offer. Paired with, of course, golden and well seasoned fries, this traditional dish does not disappoint.

Fish Burger

We had another generous cut of New Zealand Hoki, beer battered and fried until it was light and ever so crispy. Served with some fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, a full flavoured in-house tartar sauce and held together by a big fluffy bun, this is another classic done right. Offered with their same seasoned fries, I recommend washing this dish down with a cold Asahi Super Dry.

Smallfry Seafood is everything you could ask for in a seafood bar and so much more.

So grab your friends, head on down and share an Ocean Platter, or sneak out for a lunchtime Lobster Roll and an ice cold beer. Fresh, simple seafood is waiting for you!

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: 4A/8 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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