Hyde Park Bakery

Who doesn’t love a delicious bakery treat in the morning before work or uni?

Hyde Park Bakery has all the goods with everything from pies and pastries, to donuts and cupcakes!

Owner, Nick Lakes, has been running the joint for the past three years and previously owned a Funk Coffee and Food store. Luckily for us, he moved onto his own business when he found that he wanted to expand his creative freedom.

At Funk I learnt a lot about this industry and the things we could do. It was good to learn that base and broaden that with my own ideas and thoughts. It’s good grounding,” says Nick.

Now business partners with Mark and Amanda Obst of Hahndorf’s popular Otto’s Bakery, customers can expect the same quality baked goods found at the well-established bakery.

With some of their range baked fresh every morning up at Otto’s Bakery’s huge baking facilities, a new batch is delivered to Hyde Park first thing every morning, before the staff get to work decorating and adding their own special touches while busy baking their own goods.

On top of their bakery food, Hyde Park Bakery also offers corporate catering, with a gourmet range of Cajun chicken, wraps, cheese platters, and cake platters available, as well as a new all-day hot breakfast menu, including items such as bacon and egg brioches, bagels and croissants.

With the amazing range available at Hyde Park Bakery, we couldn’t help but try a bit of everything! The standouts included their huge vegetable and cheese pasty, aromatic butter chicken pie (so good, we had two!), and their signature vanilla slice, which had just the right amount of sugar to satisfy our sweet-tooths without being overpowering.

While Hyde Park Bakery’s food was amazing, we couldn’t help but notice the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the place. The bakery itself is very spacious, with huge display cabinets of food, and the black and gold patterned wallpaper made the place look very modern yet classy. The staff were all incredibly friendly and seemed to know everyone who walked in, which added to the community vibe of the place and it is clear to see there is something for everyone at Hyde Park Bakery.

We get a lot of families who come in. A lot of people come in for the sandwich bar side and the selections of that and the kids will come in for their sausage rolls,” says Nick.

Hyde Park Bakery is open 6am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 6:30am-5pm on Sundays.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 1 Mitchell St, Hyde Park


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