The Hindley – Weekend Brunch Offering

Having been renovated recently along with the HQ Complex, The Hindley Bar & Grill opened last November sporting a modern, hip, and industrial vibe.

We visited The Hindley over the weekend to try out their new brunch menu, and here’s what we thought!

Okay, this has to got to be one of the cheesiest omelettes we have ever had! The generously melted cheddar cheese, along with double smoked ham, mushroom, and two slices of grilled multigrain sourdough on the side, makes this the perfect breakfast dish!

Eggs Benedict
No breakfast menu is complete without Eggs Benedict! The two poached eggs sit on a bed of double smoked ham and two buttery English muffin buns. Hands down the best thing about this dish is the delicious hollandaise sauce poured almost too perfectly over the dish, creating a waterfall-like effect.

Smashed Avocado on Toast
Of course, we had to order the smashed avo just to see what twist The Hindley would apply to this classic millennial brunch dish! Featuring two poached eggs, Adelaide Hills goat’s cheese, an assortment of ‘greens and grains’ (as well as the namesake smashed avo, of course!), this dish is the epitome of healthy. It looked healthy, tasted healthy, and even smelled healthy, too! To top it off, the smashed avo isn’t just literally smashed avocado, but more so like a guacamole – nicely seasoned with lemon juice and spices.

Full Breakfast
This dish would be your typical ‘the lot breakfast or ‘the big breakfast’ that you’d find at any establishment well-versed in serving brunch. This one in particular has everything from double smoked bacon, chipolatas, and chorizo, to mushroom, spinach, tomato, baked beans, and eggs your way (we chose poached, of course!). With the meat well-cooked and well-seasoned, and the slight spice and sweetness from the baked beans adding depth of flavour, this dish is plentiful, filling, and delicious!

Prime Beef Burger
This was a very nicely constructed burger – we were able to see each and every ingredient looking from the side of the burger! The beef patty itself was tasty and juicy, with the double cheese melted perfectly on top. The bacon, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and aioli, completed the burger, making it one to please the masses. Even the fries were hot, well-seasoned, and crunchy!

Belgium Waffles
We have to be honest, we weren’t expecting much from the waffles because a bar and grill’s not going to know what they’re doing with sweets, right? Wrong. Just the presentation alone on this dish was enough to blow us away! Not to mention, the waffles themselves were nice and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside – just how a waffle should be! We could see the vanilla bean in the scoops of ice cream and taste the natural authenticity of it with every mouthful. To top it off, the caramelised banana and mixed berries added a fresh, fruity flavour, while the sprinkled popcorn bits added a nice, crunchy element. The waffles were definitely the highlight of our visit – an ideal way to finish the day!

Overall, we have to say The Hindley surprised us with food on par with renowned, well-established restaurants. If this is the new direction that the CBD’s Hindley Street is headed, we are 100% on board!

The Hindley Bar & Grill is open Monday-Thursday 8am-12am, Fridays 7:30am-12am, Saturdays 10am-10:30pm, and Sundays 10am-12am. Please note that while breakfast, lunch and dinner is offered daily, the brunch menu we sampled is only available between 10am and 3pm on weekends.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 149 Hindley St, Adelaide


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