The Sparkke Change Beverage Co – International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, female-run alcohol company Sparkke is launching a limited edition release of its signature white wine bubbles, calling for equality, social equity and safety in the workplace for people of all genders.

The new jet-black can pays homage to the globally celebrated #TimesUp movement that, since its inception in January 2018, has already raised a staggering $20 million for its US-focused legal defense fund to provide aid for people who have been marginalised, harassed or assaulted in the workplace.

Sparkke has joined forces with the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) on this national campaign, with 10 percent of direct sales and four percent of channel sales of the #TimesUp White Wine Bubbles going directly to IWDA.

“The significance of the #TimesUp movement cannot be overstated,” says Sparkke’s winemaker Sarah Lyons. “We have a responsibility to take these global conversations about sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace out of the theoretical realm and into the real one. This is Sparkke’s way of doing just that.”

In 2017, Sparkke’s first edition ‘Say I Do!’ White Wine Bubbles raised more than $10,000 for The Equality Campaign to help get marriage equality over the line. “We wanted our bubbles to celebrate the values of equality and inclusion during a time in our nation’s history when these values appeared more absent than ever,” says Lyons.

“The success of our ‘Say I Do!’ bubbles campaign provided a proof of concept; that it is possible to create epic, high-quality wine in a can, make a profit, and financially contribute to critical social causes. Sparkke’s #TimesUp campaign aims to replicate this success and show other players in the alcohol industry how it’s done.”

You can pick up Sparkke’s limited edition #TimesUp White Wine Bubbles online. Shop now: ​



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