Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Swing Man

Damian Callinan’s Swing Man is full of fun, laughs and interesting tales of his childhood addiction.

Renowned character and stand-up comedian, ‘Damo’ suffers from OTTDS disorder (Over The Top Dance Syndrome), and aims to tick an item off his bucket list by learning how to swing dance.

A classic blend of storytelling, sketches, comedy and audience involvement; Damian Callinan takes audiences on a journey of love and life, telling the tale of his upbringing: a squabble at a Bush dance, falling in love when Ballroom Dancing, and how his 17 year-old self was abducted by Swing-era obsessed aliens who sent him on a mission to learn how to Swing dance by the time he turned 51.

Perfectly bookended by the aliens’ voiceovers, Damian Callinan is also joined by his lovely co-star and dance instructor, Jeanne-Clare Storace; who also doubled as an improv loving alien droid.

Including time travel, and irregular interjections by YouTube dance instructors Hank and Misty; Damian’s dance down memory lane could even be described as his mid-life crisis.

The spectacular dance routines by both Damian Callinan and Co-star Jeanne-Clare Storace, left audiences in awe at the talent and skill each performer held dancing through Lindy Hops, Charlestons and boogie-woogies.

The bubbly show leaves audience members feeling happy and satisfied, after enjoying lots of laugh while witnessing some amazing dance routines.

This performance was full of humour and ad-lib. Using Australian phrases and jokes to connect with his audience; Swing Man is a hit to any guest, especially appealing to those aspiring to be dance professionals, or really anyone who ever busted a move on an 80’s dance floor.

Swing Man has been such a huge success; it will be followed by a funded regional tour to Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania after the completion of the Fringe.

Performing at the Adelaide Fringe’s Royal Croquet Club till the 18th March, from 8-9pm, there is still time to see Damian Callinan in Swing Man.

This fun, light-hearted show is sure to leave audience members with a spring in their step; and maybe even a taste for swing dance in their futures.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: Royal Croquet Club, Pinky Flat, North Adelaide


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