Coal Cellar + Grill – Express Lunch Menu

Coal Cellar + Grill has brought some delightful new additions to their menu, now offering Express Lunch for just $25!

The restaurant offers guests a fine dining experience, with great service and a high-class atmosphere.

Perfect for group bookings, business meetings or simply of you are looking for a value-for-money dining experience, the new menu gives guests quick and easy meal options to choose from.

Lunch guests will now be able to receive Angus Beef Striploin, with Café Paris Butter, Macadamia Puree and Roasted Root Vegetables. This dish was beautifully presented and the steak was cooked perfectly, very soft and tender. The Roasted sides gave the dish a lovely homely feel and were all seasoned perfectly, the carrots holding a slight crunch while the potatoes were soft and creamy. The smoky grill flavour of the steak balanced perfectly with the Garlic Butter. It was lively and smooth and not overpowering. This was definitely a highlight addition to the dish, complimenting the multiple smoky and sweet flavours of the complete meal.

This dish was paired with a complimentary red wine: 2016 Amadio Melot – Adelaide Hills Kersbrook. This wine had deep rich flavours of dark cherry, stewed plums, following through with an array of various berries and forest fruits. The smooth Merlot paired nicely with the Beef Striplion, complimenting the deep flavours of the meat and the roasted vegetables.

The Roasted Pumpkin and Forest Mushroom Risotto, with Pumpkin chips and Parmesan shavings, was a lovely appealing dish. Beautifully presented and well cooked, the Risotto was unusual, having a pumpkin base, rather than mushroom being the main ingredient. This lovely change was welcomed and gave a light balance to the dish. The Pumpkin flavour wasn’t over prominent but gave the dish a lovely smooth flavour, balanced well with the smoky mushrooms and the sweet crunch of the pumpkin chips. The Risotto was smooth and creamy with a lovely bite of Parmesan cheese and cooked onion. Overall all the flavours were well balanced and was a lovely satisfying dish.

Paring with the Risotto, we were offered a 2016 Kangaroo Island Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine was lean and had a crisp palate. With slight citrus flavours, this wine balanced well with the smooth Risotto and pumpkin flavours, complimenting the dish.

Diners will also be able to taste; Tempura Battered Garfish, with coconut curry sauce, Asian salad and rice noodles; or their Sumac Chicken Kebab, with Cumin Yogurt, Warm Almond and Raisin Quinoa Tabouleh and Toasted Flat Bread.

Or if guests are in the mood for dessert, The Hilton’s $25 Express Lunch menu also offers a Passionfruit Mille-Feuille, with Vanilla Crème and Passionfruit Sorbet, for only $8 more.

Our time spent at the Hilton was wonderful; our waiter was lovely and accommodating and tried to help our every need and made us feel very welcome.

The new Express $25 Lunch menu has beautiful looking dishes that are full of flavour. Wanting to showcase the best of local Australian Produce in their dishes, every ingredient is looked after and prepared to perfection.

Available now, the Hilton’s Coal Cellar + Grill Open for lunch 12:00 – 2:30pm, Monday to Friday, so why not come and spend your next weekday lunch at the Hilton.

We loved the new Express Lunch menu, and we are certain you will too.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide


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