Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Gingzilla – Glamonster vs The World

Gingzilla is back performing her stand-out Fringe show for little old Adelaide yet again. Setting up this year in Gluttony, the 7ft beauty takes you through her transformation from a meek 1950’s housewife into a formidable Glamonster.

Gingzilla: Glamonster vs The World is a spectacular cabaret drag show that goes beyond that you would usually expect. Gingzilla has a seriously good voice and isn’t afraid to belt out a tune, including a particularly fearsome rendition of Tina Arena’s Chains.

The performance set in a 1950’s drive-in movie, referencing gaudy horror films such as Attack of the 50-ft Woman, King Kong, and Godzilla.

The show begins with a series of 1950’s advertisements on how to please your man. Gingzilla desperately tries her best to be the perfect woman, but eventually cracks. She then reforms and reaches her full potential as a giant, conquering, stiletto-clad monster.

With the aid of a hilarious audio-visual montage, the story unfolds with ease and Gingzilla is perfectly in step with every moment. She has impressive vocal abilities that range from deep and throaty to smooth and soulful, ensuring that this drag show is without cringe-worthy lip-syncing, featuring genuinely impressive singing instead.

Gingzilla even dabbles briefly with Kanye West’s Monster, but we wish she had gone full-throttle and performed the iconic Nicki Minaj verse, as it perfectly fits the Glamonster persona.

The pop culture references are never-ending, with references to Jurassic Park, (1980’s cult film) Swamp Thing, South Park, and even the iconic Gingers Have Souls YouTube video. Gingzilla stamps out sexist 1950’s sentiments by poking fun at them, and at the very idea of a perfect woman.

Gingzilla herself is a sight to behold, with her bouncy red locks, sparkly costumes, insanely long legs, and big ginger beard. She’s utterly fabulous.

One of the show’s highlights is Gingzilla’s ability to interact with the audience in a natural and, uh, intimate way. From getting audience members to deep throat ice creams, to sitting on their laps while watching the big screen, to handing out Jaffas and popcorn before the show, Gingzilla makes everyone feel right at home.

It’s a bold show, and it works. Gingzilla gives us an unapologetic 1-hour romp through the unrealistic standards that women are expected to adhere to; the parallels of a woman’s standing in the 1950’s with that of our own post-Weinstein era are more than a little unsettling.

Go and see Gingzilla at the Fringe if you haven’t already, and watch in awe as she transforms herself from a stereotypical housewife trying her best to make her man happy, to a towering, terrifying Glamonster.

Words by Liberty Petersen



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