New Nordic

The family behind Swedish Tarts is back with a new Scandinavian food venture in Prospect’s New Nordic.

Having also been operating Henley Beach’s popular diners, Malobo Kitchen & Bar and Hermanos Cubanos successfully for the past few years, the Vanzati family launched New Nordic alongside the new Prospect Palace Nova Cinema complex at the end of last year.

Born and raised in Sweden, the Vanzati family, consisting of three brothers Mattis, Lukas and Liam, as well as their parents Louise and Bo, moved to Australia as foreigners wanting to share their rich food culture.

“We came from dairy country in northern Sweden to the Adelaide Hills where we were in amongst all the fruit growers and cheesemakers. Our life has always been about food. For us, that’s been normal,” says Mattis.

Stepping through New Nordic’s doors, diners can see the air of modern simplicity in the décor. Architectural designer, Lukas, was in charge of the interior design of New Nordic, wanting to reflect their food vision in the dining atmosphere.

“New Nordic philosophy is all about, not so much Swedish food, but about the Scandinavian approach to food, which is about sourcing locally and knowing what you’re putting on the plate and trying to express things as simply as possible,” Mattis says.

This can certainly be seen in some of their breakfast food offerings which include the incredibly generous and filling Scandi Big Breakfast, healthy Fresh Avocado on seeded rye, and beautifully presented Swedish Sweet Crepes.

With Lukas being behind the architectural masterpiece that is New Nordic, Mattis in charge of restaurant operations, and Louise and Liam in the kitchen as Head Chef and Sous Chef respectively, it’s easy to see that New Nordic really is a family run business with a warm and inviting presence.

“Everything we do is unique. Everything we do is different. We’re not in the business of doing ‘templates’ and this is not the end for us. We’re going to keep doing a lot more,” says Mattis.

New Nordic is located on the ground floor of the Prospect Palace Nova Cinema complex and is open 7am-9pm Tuesday-Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 98 Prospect Rd, Prospect

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