Adelaide Fringe 2017 – Mr Snot Bottom – Stinky Silly Songs Show

Some people might think it’s challenging to make kids laugh, however kid’s comedian Mr. Snot Bottom has no trouble with making kids stomach’s hurt with laughter with his hysterical show.

Making a return to the Adelaide Fringe this 2018 season, Mr. Snot Bottom brings along his silly, stinky songs with the help of some creative co-writers, which include Benny Devis (Axis of Awesome) and Tom Bettany (Average, The Beards).

‘I’ve been very lucky to work with some very talented people,’ Mark Trenwith said, who created and plays Mr. Snot Bottom.

‘Most people found writing comedy for kids very joyous, freeing and fun experience,’

‘The skies the limit with a child’s imagination and I think that’s what attracted people to working on the project.’

We were invited along to Saturday’s Mr. Snot Bottom show, which featured a packed house at The Factory within the garden, with people waiting in anticipation to see the Australian-based stand-up comedian.

Not to mention, this show is for all ages. Trenwith explains that his show is ‘very much designed for parents and children to share together’.

Without giving too much away, Mr. Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Songs Show, is packed full of entertaining sketches.

Some of these sketches include gross gags, weird and putrid sing-alongs, along with many twists and turns that’ll leave the audience both on the edge of the seats as well as in stitches. Trenwith also includes the audience in these sketches, accompanied by plenty of silly, fun questions and comments.

So, if you’re looking for a Fringe show that is great for kids and can have parents join in on, look no further than Mr. Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Songs Show.

Words by Courtney Flynn

WHERE: Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, East Tce, Adelaide

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