Urban Wine Room

We love visiting a winery, but arranging a visit out to the Barossa or the Adelaide Hills can be tricky at times. The Urban Wine Room solves this problem by providing a high-quality cellar door experience in the middle of the CBD.

While the venue is still determining which wines it will house in the future, it currently showcases a range of Noble Road wines from SA’s Clare Valley. The Urban Wine Room brings a selection of Noble Road’s finest to the city, and so there’s no mini bus hire required.

From a full-flavoured Cabernet to a smooth Grenache to a honeyed Moscato, there is a wide range of wines to try. There’s more than just wine on offer as well. We tried a pretty pink-hued G&T, featuring Four Pillars gin, Australian rose hibiscus, blood lime, and finger lime caviar.

The Australian native elements carry over to the food on offer as well. Ingredients are sourced from across the globe, with a focus on high-quality ingredients. However you will note a strong presence of native elements, such as South Australian muscatels, blood lime from Queensland, and local caperberries.

The venue’s manager, Sam, notes that since the venue has paired with Something Wild (an SA food supply company focusing on Indigenous food), the Australian native elements on the plate, and local suppliers, have considerably increased.

“We use about 40 ingredients from Something Wild, from bush spices, to citrus and fruits, to charcuterie products.

“There’s a bit of an Australiana theme.”

This theme carries over to the city cellar door’s décor. Paintings by local artist and family friend, John Foubister, show off the colours of the Australian bush in a way that complements the room’s natural textures.

The rustic design of the space is balanced with fresh and modern influences, resulting in a sun-soaked room full of natural timber. There’s also country-style hospitality and a chilled-out atmosphere, giving this place a very serene sort of ambiance.

Tree root décor, lush windowsill foliage, and raw materials give a nod to the outback, while colourful dining chairs and neat shelving refine the space to give it more of a cosmopolitan vibe.

“It’s a little bit mismatched in here,” says Sam. “Jack (the venue’s marketing whiz) chose the finishes for the walls and flooring, but then I added the design elements such as the chairs.

“There’s a strong Australian theme, but we’ve thrown in a few international elements as well, like the Chinese peace lilies.”

Overall, the space is wide, open, and full of light. It’s an excellent spot for an afternoon drink… accompanied by a cheese platter or charcuterie board, of course.

Words by Liberty Petersen

WHERE: 33-37 Wright St, Adelaide

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