Royal Croquet Club 2018 – VIP Media Night

The Royal Croquet Club is back in 2018! Featuring a vast array of performances within four diverse venues – Big River Motel, Grand Auditorium, Empire Theatre, and Plaza Parlour – in addition to fifteen food stalls, you’re guaranteed to have a royally good time.

The four venues will showcase everything from concerts to comedies (The traveling sisters – Toupé), as well as theatre (We live by the sea) and circus (360 Allstars), just to name a few. Then, after you’ve seen a few shows and eaten your fair share of food, additional activities at the RCC include roller skating at the Gliderama rink, and a Popeye’s cruise on the Torrens River (there’s even on-board karaoke!).

We commenced the opening night of the RCC by heading to the VIP area inside the new Big River Motel, which will feature artists such as the Thundamentals, Justice, Paces, and Booka Shade throughout the duration of the Fringe. With bars on either side of the venue, live music, and waiters bringing in trays bursting with food supplied by Pizzateca, Ragini’s Spice, and Gang Gang, the night was off to a good start. Given how delicious the food was, it’s no surprise that a small crowd quickly gathered around the waiters each time they entered.

Hip hop duo Hermitude performed in Big River Motel on the opening night, drawing a sizeable audience and plenty of excitement. A crowd favourite is also returning to the RCC this year; Neon Forest, dubbed ‘the club within a club’, will be accessible via the Big River Motel and open till late, ensuring that you have plenty of time to revel in the festivities.

With so many food stalls at our disposal, it would be a crime not to do some taste testing. We opted for some nachos from Forage Supply Co, which were topped with a delicious cashew cheese, and the Badgal Riri tacos from Gang Gang – a stall with food as delicious as their names were interesting. And if you’re hungry for dessert, The Creperie Cart and 50SIXONE have got you covered.

Situated next to the Torrens River and just outside the CBD, the picturesque setting at Pinky Flat combines nature with the Adelaide metropolis, and is an ideal location for the RCC. The RCC is open from Wednesday to Sunday until the 18th of March, and tickets to various shows can be found online at, but entry to the grounds is free at all times. So, go ahead and check out what the RCC has to offer!

Words and Images by Xueying Sun

WHERE: Pinky Flat, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide


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