Adelaide Fringe 2018 – The Naked Painters

The Adelaide Fringe is full of weird and wonderful shows, and for the former category, The Naked Painters is certainly up there.

The star of the show, Tim Patch, also known as Pricasso, has a talent for painting with his private parts. It was after his second marriage that he conceived the idea, and he’s been a hit at Sexpo exhibitions ever since. As a 68 year old man who plays with his member in front of the audience, there’s nothing that can’t be openly discussed. He talks about how he got to where he is and all the funny stories in his life, and he even gives valuable pointers for the guys wanting to try this at home; rub your private parts in vaseline to avoid skin irritation and use water-based paints as normal paints contain lime which erodes the skin.

There are two moments that create shock value in the show; the first when he rips out his member and the second when he signs a painting with his paint brush. There’s only one way to hold a paint brush with the male appendage. Tim does two paintings during the show, the first to give you a feel for what he does, and the second involving audience participation. The crowd that were attending were rather youngish and it didn’t appear too many people were offended but more fascinated. It’s no surprise as the artwork produced was incredibly accurate for how it was painted.

The Naked Painters are performing at the Adelaide Fringe until March 17th.

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