The Creperie Corner

After the debut of the hugely successful Creperie Cart more than two and a half years ago, owner and operator Laz Karisik has branched out to the franchise’s first permanent location on the CBD’s Grote Street.

The Creperie Corner offers an extensive menu (31 flavour options to be exact!) of savoury and sweet crepes, with the addition of a waffle option exclusive to The Creperie Corner.

The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, with popular Gouger Street ice creamery, 48 Flavours, providing all the ice cream for The Creperie Corner.

We’ve tried everything from the sweet to the savoury, the waffles to the crepes, the fruity to the chocolatey, and here’s our take on everything The Creperie Corner has to offer:

Ricotta Spinach & Mushroom Savoury Crepe – As the name suggests, this crepe is made simply of ricotta cheese, baby spinach and mushroom, finished with optional salt and pepper. None of the flavours here are too overpowering, making this crepe a good palatable one for an early morning breakfast On-the-go.

Mexican Savoury Crepe – Full of classic Mexican ingredients such as beef mince, jalapeños, sliced tomato, diced onion and mozzarella cheese, this flavour is reminiscent of a Mexican taco – just missing the shell! Though not as spicy as we thought it would be (thankfully), the jalapeño can definitely be tasted in this one, complimenting the beef mince perfectly.

Other savoury crepe flavours available include: BLT, Sweet & Savoury, BAE, Margarita Pizza, Meat Eater, and Ham & Cheese.

Sweet crepe flavours available include: P&J, Peanut Delight, Honey & Ricotta, Dark Choccy, Seasonal Jam, Cheer-Up Butter-Crepe, Whipped Maple, Lemon & Sugar, Cinnamon & Sugar, Nutella, TCC Euro Cream, Spiced Apple, Nutella & Banana, Nutella & Strawberry, Salted Caramel, The Lot, and Dulce de Luche.

Berry Berry Nice Waffle – This flavour comes with boysenberry swirl ice cream topped with strawberries and blueberries, finished with a drizzle of strawberry sauce, your choice of chocolate or Nutella, and pink fairy floss! This waffle was definitely as delicious as it was colourful, with the textured waffle perfectly cradling the berries. The waffle itself was indescribably unique, being mainly crunchy throughout, with pockets of soft and fluffiness. The freshness of the berries balanced well with the sweetness of the chocolate so this is definitely a flavour for the health-conscious sweet tooth. This flavour is also available as a deluxe crepe.

Kinder Dreams Waffle – Truly a chocolate lover’s dream come true, the Kinder Dreams includes Kinder ice cream with bananas, drizzled with Nutella and white chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of crushed Maltesers and a Kinder chocolate bar. Though this flavour will certainly satisfy a sweet tooth, it isn’t too sweet or overindulgent, with just the perfect balance of fruity and chocolatey goodness. Like the Berry Berry Nice, Kinder Dreams is also available as a deluxe crepe.

Other waffle or deluxe crepe flavours available include: Pinky Promise, Caramellow, Cookie Monster, Minted, Fruitaholic, and Nutellarama.

If you’re a particularly picky eater, The Creperie Corner also offers the option of creating your own crepe or waffle flavour from scratch! Yes, this includes everything from base ice cream to the toppings and sauces!

However, if you’re not really sure where to start, Laz reveals the most popular tried and true flavours from Rundle Mall’s Creperie Cart are, unsurprisingly, Nutella & Banana and Nutella & Strawberry.

Though there’s always going to be room for sweets, the prospect of savoury crepes often intrigues people. Luckily, The Creperie Corner has mastered the art of both (mixing in waffles along the way!) while being the ideal on-the-go snack!

The Creperie Corner is located on the corner of Grote Street and Addie Place, just a five minute walk from Chinatown. They are open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm, for an early morning breakfast or late night dessert!

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: Shop 3, 160 Grote St, Adelaide


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