Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the newly opened take away shop CBF (Chicken, Burgers, Fish). When you ‘CBF’ cooking, where do you go? To CBF of course. The new shop on Torrens Road in Brompton has a large range of take away items including yiros, AB’S, burgers, hot dogs, chicken packs and much more. Owners, Peter and Tamara introduced us to their large menu, and we were incredibly impressed with what they had on offer.

We started off with the Fish Pack – 1 butterfish, 2 prawns, 2 calamari, 2 salt and pepper squid with chips. I have to admit that this was one of my favourite dishes that we sampled. It is often that when buying a seafood pack it tends to be drowned in oil and sometimes left soggy. This pack was quite the opposite; each individual seafood element was crispy with the perfect amount of batter. The fish being a stand out with its crunchy coating and delicate butterfish. It was also really nice to see some good quality seafood being used, as often it can taste fake and processed.

Next up with sampled the Tim Tower burger served with sweet potato chips- homemade hamburger, cheese, bacon, egg, coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, onion, pineapple, and beetroot sauce. What a whopper of a burger this was, it had everything you could possibly imagine jammed between a toasted bun. The patty itself was juicy and meaty, which paired well with the fresh salad, cheese, bacon and egg.

Another burger that we enjoyed was the Summer Buns – homemade chicken schnitzel, cheese, bacon, onion, coleslaw, lettuce, pineapple, mayo, and sweet chilli. I have never been a huge fan of pineapple used on savoury dishes; I have always been the one to pick it off my pizza. My mind changed completely today, as I loved the sweet addition of the pineapple to this burger. The juicy fruit alongside the home made crispy chicken schnitzel was a perfect combination. This interesting sweet element helped to give the burger that point of difference.

A hangover favourite was the Chicken AB – chips, caramelised onion, BBQ, tomato, garlic sauce. Can honestly say this was one of the best AB’s I have had thus far. I loved the mixture of all three sauces as it helped to smother the chips with flavour. The chicken was perfectly cooked and added that extra heartiness to the dish. The use of the thick cut chips was a great choice as it helped to balance out the sauce and the chicken.

A favourite among customers is the Mixed Grill – (Loukaniko, Souvlaki and Keftedes). The Greeks really know how to do a mean mixed grill. The flavour and authenticity of the three great style meats were divine. The pork sausage, yiros style souvlaki and the meat patty combined with the creamy garlic sauce was surly a dish made for the Greek gods.

A dish that gaining popularity is the Fetta Chips. The difference between CBF and other take away shops is that they have different cuts and flavours of fries to choose from, thick, shoestring and even fat cut chips. They also have awesome addition of fetta chips, which was exciting to see on the menu. The saltiness of the fetta combined with the potato worked well, almost acting as salt for the fries. The chips were also seasoned with herbs to give it that extra hint of flavour.

With chicken in the title, it would be odd if they didn’t offer the classic Roast Chicken. The chicken itself was juicy and tender. I loved the crispy potatoes, along with the colourful peas and carrots. The dish was coated with a delicious, flavoursome gravy, which is a must with any roast.

We would love to thank Peter and Tamara for inviting us to sample the dishes at CBF. We were really impressed with not only the food but the overall vibe of the shop itself. They are open 11am-8.30pm 6 days a week, excluding Tuesday.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 85B Torrens Rd, Brompton


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