Chuck Wagon – Drool Worthy Menu Launch

Chuck Wagon is the perfect place for the young, and young at heart, who love American culture, American food and of course, those all-American superheros. Well known for its burgers and desserts, both the North Adelaide and Norwood outlets deliver up plenty of hearty street food. With an eclectic mix of décor filling the restaurant, and our friend Ironman overseeing the front of the venue in Norwood, we were treated to a real taste of the U.S. at Chuck Wagon’s Drool Worthy Menu Launch.

Before we got to taste all that burger goodness though, we worked our way through some of the new sides added to this most recent menu.

If you love a bit of fried food, but don’t want to feel as guilty about eating it, then why not try the Fried Zucchini Chips or Pickle Chips. Both are double breaded and served with a creamy house mayo. It’s green inside, so it mustn’t be that bad, right? Maybe Pizza Fries are more your thing. With crispy fries topped with fresh pineapple, bacon, red onion, tasty cheddar and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, you will satisfy any pizza craving. It wouldn’t be an American menu without ribs, and the Rib Bites are an awesome way to get your fix. The ribs are wrapped in bacon and served with Chuck Wagon’s Smokey Jack Daniels BBQ sauce; could they get any better? We think not.

Seven new burgers (five beef and two chicken), have taken pride of place on the already extensive menu.

The Whiskey Blue Cheese Burger is just one of the newbies boasting a 140g beef patty stuffed with a blue cheese sauce. Add to that double breaded onion rings, Chuck Wagon’s whisky sauce and cheddar cheese sauce on a brioche bun and you have got a flavour explosion.

Super-hungry? Well why not have two of everything; the Two of Everything Please Burger I mean. Two 140gram patties, cheddar cheese sauce, two pieces of streaky bacon, tangy ketchup, American mustard and sliced pickles on a soft toasted brioche bun – that should fill the gap.

It’s the festive season, and that means a lot of overindulging. Well we have the cure; The Hangover Burger is set to make that morning after seem that little bit better. It’s a grilled chicken breast with lettuce, parmesan cheese, egg, bacon and house made Caesar dressing on a toasted brioche. Perfect.

With double crusted chicken for that extra crunch, the Chicken and Cheese Burger is a simple and tasty addition to the menu. It comes with Chuck Wagon’s Bigger Mac sauce to compliment the cheese and lettuce which works really well – watch out, Ronald McDonald may get a little envious of this combo.

Now after all this, if you do have room for dessert, then you need to check out these bad boys. All are perfect for sharing (and after those burgers and fries, you’d be hard pressed to find room for a full one to yourself!)

There’s the OTT Pancake Stack with Nutella, marshmallow, strawberries and ice-cream. Look quickly, and you could be forgiven for thinking that one of the desserts was actually savoury, but it was a sweet nachos complete with a pistachio ice-cream (looks like guacamole), a strawberry salsa, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, plus tortilla like chips to scoop it all up with. Finally, the chocolate cup willed with a mousse, cream and strawberry centre – delicious.

Chuck Wagon’s new menu is available from Saturday 16th December at both the North Adelaide and Norwood venues. Check out their Facebook & Instagram pages, or their website for more details.

Thanks so much to Jasmin Ilic from Social Stir for hosting such an amazing event.

Words and Photos by Tania Dalton

Chuck Wagon Norwood – 210C The Parade Norwood
Chuck Wagon North Adelaide – 175 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide

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