The Salvation Army – 100 Thousand Meals Appeal

For the one in two people seeking support in South Australia from The Salvation Army who regularly go without meals, the 100,000 meals that the Salvos will serve up this December will be a welcome gift just in time for Christmas.

The Salvos are asking Australians to support the 100 Thousand Meals appeal by donating $10 to provide a Christmas meal to someone who would otherwise go without this Christmas.

“Unfortunately for some, Christmas isn’t cause for celebration but a lonely and difficult time. Providing a meal offers so much more than just something to eat, it also gives a sense of community and a place to belong,” said Steve Speziale, spokeperson for The Salvation Army.

“For more than 130 years, we’ve been supporting struggling South Australians experiencing homelessness and hardship. Ensuring people have food on the table at Christmas, and beyond, is a vital part to do what we do every day. We hope that South Australian residents will dig deep this Christmas and find just $10 to help us fill 100,000 empty plates.”

The 100 Thousand Meals appeal comes after The Salvation Army’s 2017 Economic and Social Impact Survey revealed that on average, struggling Aussie families in South Australia accessing support from the Salvos are living on less than $17 per day. Just one in four are able to afford three meals a day for their children. The research also revealed that the number one challenge faced by Aussies experiencing crisis is the ability to afford enough food to eat. With these findings, the need to support others in the community has never been greater.

To donate to the 100 Thousand Meals appeal please visit

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