La Bonne Table – New Menu November 2017

If you’re looking for a European, French dining experience in Adelaide think no further than La Bonne Table on Wakefield Street. Its industrial chic interior design, accompanied by a fusion of modern-French cuisine is the ideal fine dining venue you’ve been looking for. Jazz and blues music also helps to create that signature suave European vibe.

La Bonne Table are launching an exciting new dish next week, the Mixed Grill for Two. A generous serve of chargrilled prawns, chorizo sausage, lamb chops and steak is bedded on an assortment of perfectly seasoned roast potatoes. Accompanying this dish is a plate of four housemade sauces and relishes which compliment the rustic plate of meat magnificently. A favourite of the sauces is sure to be the sweet Creole, a French Caribbean take on the Asian sweet chilli sauce. Not that I need to tempt you further, but a generous spoonful of this sauce with the Barossa Valley chorizo sausage is simply divine. Be sure to treat yourself to La Bonne Table’s French inspired Mixed Grill while it lasts!

Why not indulge in a dessert (or two) after sharing your Mixed Grill speciality. French desserts are renowned worldwide, and La Bonne Table’s take on the sweet French classics are sure to ‘wow’ you too.

Crème Brulee with Vanilla Ice-cream – A generous pot of Crème Brulee is accompanied by a smooth and icy vanilla ice-cream on a bed of biscuit crumb. As should be expected, the hardened sugar top cracks perfectly with a light tap of the spoon, which reveals the creamy custard beneath.

Saffron Panna Cotta – This Panna Cotta is easily one of the best I’ve had in a long, long time. Infusing the classic dessert with French Caribbean flavours makes for a very tropical, yet subtle, dessert. Turmeric infused pineapple is diced and provides a burst of sweetness next to the Panna Cotta, while the coconut ice-cream and pistachio crumb balance the dish with some delicate earthy flavours which make for a ten out of ten dessert.

Affogato – This classic European dessert is served in a cocktail glass with vanilla gelato and smoked coffee beans. A shot of Baileys or Frangelico, as well as the all important espresso shot, are plated either side of the glass. If you’re looking for a sweet pick me up after the Mixed Grill, this is the dessert for you. It is light, yet energy boosting, and sure to have your taste buds dancing for hours afterwards.

We’d like to thank La Bonne Table for sharing their new Mixed Grill with us, which we’re sure will be a success in no time. La Bonne Table, excluding Monday, is open daily for lunch, and Tuesday to Saturday for dinner as well. Be sure to book a table, and get it while it’s hot!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 128 Wakefield St, Adelaide

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