UberEats – Insider Program Dinner at S2 on Flinders

With over 700 businesses on their books UberEats is certainly the dominant force when it comes to food delivery in Adelaide. Part of that success is attributed to the ongoing relationship they have with media influencers through their Adelaide Insider Program. As part of the program, influencers catch up monthly to network and to see the faces behind the screen. The inaugural monthly catch up was held at S2 on Flinders, an UberEats restaurant partner. Those that regularly dine down Hutt Street in the CBD would already be familiar with Social Streets S2, and it’s those exact same people that have opened up another restaurant in a different part of the city. Business is going so well for the restaurant owners, that they’re also expanding into Melbourne.

The night started off with appetisers which included a Thai Tuna Salad, Larb Gai, Son-in-Law Eggs and Sourdough Bread. To make the night interesting, we all had a go at making our own Spring Rolls. We were all given spring roll skins and filling, and watched a video on how it was done. After painting our names on our own Spring Rolls, they were deep fried and we got the chance to eat our own creations.

Prior to the mains coming out, we all participated in another group activity. Each person was given a number, and with blindfolds on, we had to guess what we were tasting. I never imagined a dinner party could be so much fun! After that, we got to the serious end of the night with all the main dishes. This included Tom Yum Kao Pad, Phat Krapow Moo Sab, Street Chilli Deep Fried Fish, Pad Thai, Clear Seafood Noodle Salad, Green Curry Chicken, Grilled Baby Squid and Roast Duck Curry. A very generous spread allowing each of us to try a bit of everything.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the staff at S2 on Flinders for their delicious food and kind hospitality, Mollydooker and Anderson Hill for the wines, and UberEats and Tailor Group for making the night possible.


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