The Stag Hotel – Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb Degustation

Tonight Adelaide Food Central was invited to the Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb Degustation at The Stag Hotel. Bultarra lamb has been imported to over 21 countries around the world and has won numerous awards such as the ‘SA Industry Award’ and golden medals in the Melbourne and Sydney Royal Shows. Chef Joshua Barry served to us five beautiful dishes that incorporated the succulent Bultarra brand of lamb, plus a stunning dessert.

We started with the first course: Eye of Loin Carpaccio with finger lime, pickled black garlic, and quince emulsion. For a carpaccio to be an enjoyable dish, the meat needs to be of a very good quality, this is because it is served raw. It is safe to say that the thin slices of lamb used in this carpaccio were of the highest quality. I loved the sweet flavours that the quince emulsion produced, and this paired extremely well with the subtle flavour of the lamb. A couple of mint leaves helped to give the dish a fresh and unique flavour.

Second course: Charred Round Steak with rosemary cream, soft egg and a 23rd St Gin glaze. It is safe to say the glaze that surrounded this steak was one of the tastiest combinations I have tried. The lamb was cooked medium rare, just as it should be and was accompanied by a beautiful yellow-yoked egg and a fluffy rosemary cream. The gin glaze was extremely sweet and coated the lamb steak beautifully; it also paired well with the egg flavour. Overall this was an absolutely superb dish.

Third course: Shoulder Cutlet with smoked cauliflower, spinach puree, pinenuts and quandong jam. A sensational lamb shoulder cutlet was served to us in this course, which had been slightly fried. I had not seen lamb served in this way before, and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. To my surprise I really enjoyed all elements to this dish. The meat even though had a crispy layer was soft and delightful to eat. The spinach puree that accompanied this dish, tasted like the real deal, sometimes purees are made with fake flavour, but this one was delightful. The crunchy cauliflower was a subtle addition to the dish and helped to give it some texture.

Fourth course: Neck Pie with Kakadu plum, sugar snap peas and puff pastry. This stunning little pie caught our attention with its filling and a crunchy outing. Once again the lamb was of extremely high quality and Chef Barry did a fantastic job at enhancing its flavours throughout the pie. The sweet plum and peas, helped to give the dish a unique flavour and worked well with the juicy lamb and crispy pastry.

When we didn’t think there was any more room to fit anymore food we went onto the fifth course: Banjo Cut Shoulder with damper, lamb jus, charred cucumber, grilled cos hearts, sprouts, vintage carrots in whey, and kipfler potatoes with Murray river pink salt. This dish was honestly a feast for a king; we were shocked at how big the serving was when it came out. The lamb once again was juicy and succulent and paired well with the fresh and colourful vegetables. My favourites were the bright purple carrots, which added colour and texture to the dish.

We ended with a gorgeous dessert: Lamington Gateaux with salted caramel, blue berries, and native river mint. You see salted caramel in a lot of desserts these days, and its because it has such a unique and delicious flavour. This deconstructed lamington was just another example of the way salted caramel can be used in a luscious dessert.

We would love to thank Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb for introducing us to their wonderful product and showing us how stunning the lamb product really can be. Also Chef Joshua Barry and the staff at The Stag for providing us a wonderful night full of stunning produce and amazing wines.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 299 Rundle St, Adelaide


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