The Stag Hotel – Spring Menu 2017

The Stag Hotel has launched a brilliant new Spring Menu which you’re most definitely going to want to try. People of any dietary preference will enjoy this eclectic menu, which has been designed with impressive precision. After reading these entrees, mains and desserts, you’re going to want to bring your appetite for a glorious – and well deserved – three course meal.

Cured Ora King Salmon
The only place in South Australia to serve this New Zealand Marlborough Region salmon, The Stag Hotel’s seafood entrée is prepared fresh daily. The salmon is then cured in a solution of gin, juniper berries, fennel seeds, lemon juice, brown sugar and salt, for a sweet and tangy finish. It is accompanied by creamy Onkaparinga goats curd, slithers of pickled fennel and some fabulously pungent dehydrated olives. This is a dainty Masterchef quality entrée which the chef is to be commended for.

Port Lincoln Sardines
A modern twist on the 1960s budget British breakfast favourite – sardines on toast – The Stag’s Port Lincoln Sardines are exquisite. The sweet sardines, rich in natural fats, are served on two slices of lightly charred organic handmade sourdough. The bread is placed on a layer of tomato consume jelly which is the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavours. Red sorrel and native river mint dress the plate for a colourful finish. Dive into a plateful of modernised nostalgia with this rendition of sardines on toast.

Poached Chicken Breast
A succulent filleted free-range chicken breast is poached and lightly pan-seared is served on top of a generous portion of creamy polenta. Black truffle flavours sing through the dish for an earthy flavour, and fresh watermelon radish and warrigal greens provide a crisp, fresh element to your palate. This is the entrée for you if you’re feeling particularly peckish, as it is easily the largest out of the five.

All The Pumpkin
As you’d expect, pumpkin heroes this dish, and is served in five different ways on one plate. Roast pumpkin, burnt pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin ash and house made pumpkin is served with chucks of honey meed and real chunks of honeycomb. The combination is exciting, and taps into the pumpkin pie flavours of an American Thanksgiving – but with an Aussie twist.

Hand Made Gnocchi
This hand made gnocchi is reminiscent of Nonna’s homemade kind, it is beautifully tender and booked in rich burnt butter for extra creaminess. Served alongside a confit egg yolk – talk about yolk porn -, crispy baked Parmesan chards, candied walnuts and dill oil, this dish is a sure favourite. The candied walnuts are an ingenious addition to the dish which provide a sweet and crispy element to an otherwise savoury and soft dish.

Cone Bay Barramundi
A monster serving of the best and cleanest barramundi in the world is pan seared with a crispy skin, and plated amongst wild mushrooms of the Adelaide Hills, a mushroom consume, Radicchio and preserved lemons. Along with the rich barramundi flavour, earthy and Asian notes come through to make a perfectly balanced dish.

The Fat Duck
If you’re a fan of Peking Duck, then this is the dish for you! Artfully plated on a wide turquoise dish, the leg and breast of a sous vide, locally sourced free ranged Pekin Duck is doused in an incredible duck broth and then lathered with a hoisin based sauce. The duck is magnificently tender, which is a feat in itself seeing as duck is probably the most difficult poultry to cook to perfection. A beetroot relish, kafir lime cream and confit chilli then finish off the five star dish.

Savoy Cabbage Roll
Attention all vegans, The Stag Hotel – previously self-proclaimed as the ‘worst Vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide’ because of it focus on meat – has made the mother of all vegan dishes. This dish is huge in size, and equally huge in flavour. Wild rice, quinoa and burnt pumpkin are rolled into savoy cabbage leaves which is then served on a bed of carrot hummus, and surrounded by cucumber ribbons, pickled carrot and lime salsa. The combination of textures and flavours works surprisingly well. This is a massive feat for The Stag Hotel, as now meat-eaters and vegans alike can enjoy a meal in the bistro.

The Edible Garden
This is probably the prettiest main meal we’ve ever seen plated up. Resembling exactly what it is called, an Edible Garden, this dish is also vegan. A rich, earthy walnut crumble mixed with dukkah and spices acts as the ‘dirt’, while the veggies make up the vegetable garden. Sweet slow roasted vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, minuter cauliflowers, baby corn, spouts, pumpkin and wasabi flowers are plated above the walnut crumble, as if they are growing out of the ‘dirt’.

Rack of Lamb
Decidedly our favourite dish on the new Spring Menu, this Rack of Lamb is divine. Prime South Australian Lamb is sous vide to rare, and then charred to medium. The cooking of this is absolute perfection, as the lamb is so tender you could probably cut it with a spoon. Cauliflower puree, seasonal greens, and an out of this world house made sweet and spicy lamb Jus compliment the meat. Like a refined roast dinner, your table manners will go out the window, as you’re going to want to lick every last morsel of this dish off the plate.

Scotch Fillet
An enormous serve of grass-fed Angus steak is cooked to your liking, with a beautiful char-grilled pattern on top. A smooth and smokey mash potato, which is the perfect accompaniment, seasonal greens and a beef Jus are served with the monstrous steak. This dish is real man food at its best, so be sure to bring your appetite for this one.

Chocolate Rico
A decadent handmade chocolate caramel mousse with a super salty caramel centre is served on top of an almond and cacao crunch. Berry coulis, violet sugar and edible flowers dress the rich chocolate dessert. This is the perfect dessert for sharing, as spoonfuls of it go a long way!

Peanut Butter Parfait
Calling all peanut butter fans, The Stag Hotel has just launched the best peanut butter based dessert in town. A housemade peanut butter parfait is accompanied by a silky smooth milk chocolate cremeux, and then a generous side of peanut brittle. The parfait is sweet, but not too sweet, and has the perfect balance of textures and flavours.

Any good restaurant should have an Affogato on their dessert menu. Combining dessert and your after meal coffee the sweet-tooth’s dream. A perfectly roasted espresso shot is tantalisingly self-poured over a creamy vanilla bean ice-cream. Crisp biscotti is plated alongside, perfect for dipping, and providing that much need crunch element to the dish.

Enjoy your warm spring nights at The Stag, located on the corner of Rundle St and East Terrace, as they have meals which will appeal to everyone. We’d like to thank, and congratulate, The Stag Hotel for such an inspired new menu which we can’t wait for everyone to try.

The Stag Hotel is open daily from 11:30am til late, so there’s plenty of time to grab a bite!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 299 Rundle St, Adelaide

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