The Archer Hotel – New Summer Menu – September 2017

The Archer Hotel on O’Connell St is launching a new summer menu and it’s simply sensational. Inspired by Oriental and Middle Eastern flavours, The Archer delivers an eclectic twist on some of your and traditional pub favourites. The Archer is already a well-frequented venue for some weekend or knock-off bevvies, so why not grab a meal from this new menu next time you’re there too!

Archer Fried Chicken with Mota Mayo, Black Sesame and Sweet Potato Chips – This gentrified version of popcorn chicken is easily the best appetiser on the menu, perfect for pre-meal bite, or as an accompaniment with some after work drinks. These succulent, tender, bites sized pieces of chicken are drizzled with specialty SA made Mota mayonnaise, which makes for an absolute taste sensation. The sweet potato chips are a delightful surprise as well. More of a crisp than a chip, the thinly shaved, fried sweet potato curls provide the perfect ‘crunch’ accompaniment to the succulent chicken.

Wood Grilled Bruschetta, Ciabatta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Spanish Onion and Buffalo Mozzarella – Bruschetta is often a dish that is glanced over on the menu, because bruschetta is bruschetta, right? Wrong! The Archer Hotel’s bruschetta is something to make the trip for. Two generous slices of continental ciabatta bread are drizzled with olive oil, while sweet vine roasted tomatoes are sat on top. To top it all off, a serve of oozing, melting buffalo cheese the size of your fist rests over the ciabatta. Cheese lovers, rejoice! It is an appetising sight, and thank goodness it, tastes as good as it looks as well.

Pan Fried Duck Breast with Asian Herb Salad, Lime Salt and Thai Red Curry Sauce – This curry-like salad is fresh, zesty, and most importantly full of flavour. A crispy, fatty duck breast is perched on top and oozes in a bed of Thai flavours. The salad is sweet and sour, a great combination with duck, and the red curry sauce covers the bottom of the plate. Providing the perfect amount of heat, the red curry sauce makes for a tongue tingling Thai flavour not usually accompanied with duck. This inventive dish has all the components of a stellar Thai dish, and combines them artfully.

Beef Cheek Pie with Artichoke Puree, Roasted Heirloom Carrots and a Radish Pea Salad – The Aussie meat pie has been a favourite lunch item for decades, so it’s only fitting that one is featured on The Archer’s new menu. Filled with chunky diced pieces of tender meat, the pastry is buttery and flaky, while the filling is hot and saucy. Served alongside sweet roasted heirloom carrots, and on a bed of creamy artichoke puree, this dish is undoubtedly a true blue Aussie winner.

Slow Cooked, Middle Eastern Lamb Shoulder with Smoked Eggplant, Spinach and Crispy Buttered Gnocchi – Pre-warning: your table manners will go out the door, as you’re going to want to lick this plate clean. The mix of Middle Eastern flavours with buttery gnocchi is one I am not familiar with, but is one that I will most definitely be trying again. The lamb is cooked to perfection and is tossed through the gnocchi, coating it in its rustic roast flavours and juices. The soft and smoky gnocchi is tantalisingly good; it’s a wonder Middle Eastern inspired pasta isn’t already a foodie craze.

25og Wood Grilled Beef Fillet with Carrot Orange Puree, Baby Herb Salad and XO Crumb – This steak is life changing; you have not had a steak cooked as well as this. Not only is it a sensational cut of meat, it is super thick, super tender and super flavoursome. It is accompanied with a uniquely citrusy carrot-orange puree, which is a perfect pair with the bold steak flavour and salty XO crumb. Usually associated as a winter-menu item, the brightly coloured puree smeared onto the plate brings this steak wholeheartedly into summer. This is one steak you’ll not want to miss, so get a moo-ve on.

Archer Veggie Burger with Crumbed Swiss Mushrooms, Grilled Haloumi, Chickpeas, Baby Spinach, Fried Kale, Red Pepper Sauce, and House Cut Chips – This exotic flavoured veggie burger is an absolute green machine, and with the removal of the haloumi it could even be vegan (though why would you?). A large crumbed mushroom is layered between crispy fried kale and the sweet and tangy red pepper relish, giving the burger a humble Middle Eastern flavour infusion. Stacked higher than your average burger, the Archie Veggie Burger is a monster you will not be afraid to tackle. Fret not; the burger is served with the all-important crispy golden chips, so there’s no need to order a side.

We would love to congratulate the chef on a brilliant new menu, as it is bang on flavour, bang on presentation, and bang on portion! You’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not grabbing a bite here this summer. The Archer Hotel is open everyday from 11am til late, so there’s no need to stress about fitting it into your schedule.

Last, but not least, bon appetite!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 60 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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