Drunken Sailor

What do you do with a Drunken Sailor? What do you do with a Drunken Sailor?….Well it turns out you go there for amazing Fish and Chips!!!

In an innovative move the squire has reduced the size of the bar area (it’s hardly noticeable) and opened a takeaway/dine in fish and chip shop. A stark contrast to the Squire, Drunken Sailor is bright and cheerful. An aqua and white colour scheme encourages a nautical theme with a mural of the Drunken Sailor watching over the service area. The wood oven, still standing strong from the old Cibo days has had yet another makeover and is now used to create wood oven baked SA Flathead, NT Barramundi, Tassie Salmon and a catch of the day.

The menu’s focus is obviously seafood, but it’s far from your average fish and chip shop menu. A very impressive spread of mains includes a Malay Fish Curry, Vietnamese Salmon Salad Bowl, a Lobster Roll, Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes and a pan brimming with Mussels in a white wine sauce.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Gobbledok Burger; catch of the day fish, lettuce, onion, tomato salsa and a lime and avo mayo. The Gobbledok burger name comes from the salt and vinegar crisp crust on the fish – it is impossibly crunchy and deeply satisfying.

Another favourite is the Asian inspired Prawn Star; a couple of tempura prawns served in a steamed bao bun with pickled vegetables, lettuce and chipotle mayo. Light, refreshing and incredible value for money at $7.90 each.
Catch of the day was Blue Grenadier and we had it served in a thick crispy batter and dipped it in creamy dill infused tartare sauce.

And it’s not all about the fish. The epic salads include a Mediterranean Greek style salad, Potato Salad with a seeded mustard dressing, a healthy Super Tabouleh pimped with steamed quinoa and kale and the aptly named Bean There Done That, containing all kinds of shoots and sprouts dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.

An American Cheeseburger or Veggie Burger will satisfy those who don’t have a taste for fish. A fish and chip shop must have chips, here they are sold by the ½ kilo, perfectly golden and extremely well seasoned. The menu says they are the Best Chips in the World – I’ll let you decide.

Drunken Sailor is now open at O’Connell Street. Access can be gained by the street or through the Curious Squire.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE 10 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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