Ferment the Festival – Program Launch

Whats your flavour? A gooey cheese platter with marinated olives, a loaf of sourdough and a glass of wine? Or a cheesy gourmet sausage loaded with sauerkraut, mustard and nice cold beer? Well, between the 20th to 22nd of October you can indulge in both, as South Australia presents it’s very first, Ferment the Festival!

The three-day event, held in Adelaide’s Rymill Park will focus on the promotion, education and development of South Australia’s endless list of quality fermented food and beverage producers.

A collection of world class chefs, winemakers, brewers, bakers and farmers will share their experience, knowledge and passions for the industry through a series of cooking demonstrations, masterclasses, wine tasting and exclusive food and wine degustations.

You can join some of Australia’s leading chefs in the Fermentation Lab where you will learn how to ferment your own veggies at home while gaining an understanding of the ancient method. There will also be a series of Masterclasses in liquid fermentation. Aka, beer, wine and spirits! Enjoy the flavours and insight to brewing beer, producing wine and the development of flavour in your favourite spirits.

Whether you want to come to the event and learn hands on, listen to the passionate producers about their fermentation experiences or just indulge in all the fabulous produce on offer, you won’t leave unsatisfied. With 43 food producers, 120 local businesses, 25 cheese makers and 3 bars, there will be something amazing to take away from this event and you certainly won’t leave hungry!

Words by Charlotte Gieck

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