The Adelaide Remakery

Renew Adelaide has just unveiled a new project, The Adelaide Remakery, located on Young St in the CBD. The Adelaide Remakery, stemming from the idea of ‘remaking’ household items and accessories from recycled goods, joins Adelaide’s second-hand scene, something which more and more Millenials are prescribing to.

Mastered by Helen Rooney and Sue Fenwick, The Adelaide Remakery will popularise upcycling in a trendsetting and innovative way. Local creatives will be designing the products available in store, ranging from handbags, to lamps, and even woven floor mats. The Adelaide Remakery will also be hosting regular workshops with an emphasis on making usable and quality products along eco-friendly, upcycling guidelines.

Renew Adelaide CEO, Tim Boundy, stressed the relevance of The Adelaide Remakery as part of a global shift towards more earth friendly and sustainable shopping, saying it will be ‘critical to minimising all sorts of waste’. Rooney and Fenwick reiterate Boundy’s comments, saying that they hope to ‘make sustainable buying the new normal, not just an alternative’ or momentary trend.

Located only a short walk from the Adelaide Central Market, The Adelaide Remakery will give the West side of town a distinct and competitive edge on the already ‘trendy’ East.

The Adelaide Remakery will be open Tuesday to Thursday from 7:30am-4pm, Friday 7:30am-6pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 9-17 Young St, Adelaide

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