Cafe Salsa

In Adelaide’s West, just a short stroll in the winter’s sun away from the beach lies Café Salsa.

As a restaurant that gives off some serious Kokomo cocktail vibes, Café Salsa intertwines cabana retro décor with some seriously good Italian cooking.

If you’re after large classic meals that are cooked to perfection, served by smiling staff, get your winter woollies on and head down to Café Salsa! Adelaide Food Central was lucky enough to get there fast and take it slow to try a few fan favourites and new menu items!

Salmon Brushetta – A beautiful rendition of a classic; Salmon, ciabatta bread, red onion and cream cheese topped with capers. The breads decidedly soft insides are enveloped in a crunchy exterior where the fresh salmon and generous amount of cream cheese rests upon.

Mediterranean Pizza – With a crust pizza lovers would adore this Mediterranean pizza melds a tang of tomato sauce base with the salty, savoury toppings one could imagine eating at its namesake. The saltiness of the olives balances well with the mushroom and capsicum, all which have a generous serving and distribution. Large slices of salami allow for a stable base which is held together by the sharp, yet not overpowering, mozzarella.

Gnocchi Gorgonzola – The first taste of the soft and pillowy gnocchi sets a high precedent for the extraordinary meal. This potato pasta is one for the heavens, delivering bursts of garlic through the simple, but very effective cheese sauce.

Ravioli – This duck ravioli delivers a kick through the chilli Napolitana sauce. You can taste the gaminess of the duck in the parcels of ravioli with a slightly heated aftertaste. The rich, thick tomato sauce covers the al dente pasta for a superb dish untried by many Italian restaurants’ before.

Lemon Pepper Calamari – The generous serving of calamari is lightly seasoned in a lemon pepper flour that mixes pepper and citrus for an amazing seafood palate dish. Delicious in its own right the calamari is served with a side of chips and the chef’s salad. For us the salad mixed rocket, celery and flavourful bursts of orange segments for a truly Mediterranean collective of fruits and vegetables.

We absolutely love the food at Cafe Salsa, so much so, we want to break out into Latin dance. The staff are super friendly and passionate about what they do. At a location metres away from the beach, this place certainly ticks all the boxes.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank all the staff at Cafe Salsa for their kind hospitality, and Mercy Me Marketing for making it happen.

Words by Emma Dignon

WHERE: 5 West Beach Rd, West Beach

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