Spargo’s Cafe and Bar

Today for lunch, Adelaide Food Central was invited to Spargo’s Café and Bar in Westfield Marion. Spargo’s has been a part of the Westfield Marion complex since 1997 and they still continue to serve good quality food and drink till this day. Spargo’s provide delicious Italian cuisine to their customers and will cater to your every need and want. Not only do they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but also provide raw and vegan desserts and gluten free options. Spargo’s love to support local businesses, where they get their bread, fruit and even their wine from local delis.

We started off lunch with the Cajun Chicken Wings and Drumbs with Sticky BBQ Sauce. These are a big favourite of ours at Adelaide Food Central and we were really pleased with the way these wings were cooked. The chicken was juicy and paired well with the subtly sweet BBQ sauce. The wings were battered well, not too thick and not to oily but were crunchy and delicious at the same time.

Next was the Gnocchi Ragu – slow cooked beef and pork in an Italian ragu. Coming from an Italian background I am used to very good quality pasta dishes from Nonna’s house. Gnocchi is one of those dishes that if not executed right can end up being a very ordinary dish. This gnocchi was perfect, not to soft and not too hard and cooked just right. The sauce that paired with the gnocchi had large chunks of beef and pork throughout. It is not often you see chunks of pork through a pasta dish but I absolutely loved it. The tomato sugo was rich and saucy and had portions of basil added, which gave the sauce a very fresh flavour.

The authentic India Pizza was next on our list – marinated tandoori chicken breast, mozzarella with garden spinach, Spanish onion and fresh yoghurt. This pizza was extremely authentic and each bite came with genuine Indian flavours. The tandoori chicken paired extremely well with the creamy yoghurt based raita. There was a generous amount of topping spread evenly upon each piece of pizza. The base of the pizza was thin and an ideal amount of cheese was used to hold the ingredients together.

The Chicken Parmi is an Australian favourite, but wait until you try Spargo’s Parmigiana– with smokey bacon, BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese served with battered chips and salad. I am a sucker for a good parmigiana so I was very excited to see this delicious piece of chicken come out. The chicken itself was crumbed perfectly and was very juicy. The crispy smokey bacon paired well with the tangy BBQ sauce and was a great alternative for a topping. The chips were thick cut and crispy perched next to a fresh side salad of lettuce and capsicum.

We love our burgers so we couldn’t go past the Beef Burger and Chips – 180gm beef patty with lettuce, mustard, homemade pickles and cheese. The patty used for this burger was thick and juicy and was cooked very well, slightly charred on the top. The soft bun held together the beautiful patty, melted cheese and fresh vegetables. The burger was placed next to a bed of thick and crunchy chips.

We ended with the 300gm Scotch Fillet– with confit potatoes, rocket and sugo. The scotch fillet was cooked very well, medium rare just how we like it. The cut of meat was perhaps a bit fatty but barely noticeable when pairing it with the tomato sugo. The potatoes were also crispy and delicious and complemented the meat, sugo and rocket salad. The meal was very homey and is something you would enjoy on a cold, rainy day.

We would love to thank Nick and the exceptional staff for having us along for lunch today. Spargo’s is a generally busy and popular café but are always welcoming to anyone that enters. Spargo’s are open from Monday to Friday 9am until late, Saturday 8am until late and Sunday 11am until late.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: Shop 2051, Level 2, Westfield Marion, Oaklands Park

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