La Chiva

We’re so fortunate to be living in South Australia. Among us is a melting pot of different cultures as well as access to the world’s best produce. When you combine these together, you get amazing food from around the world right at your doorstep. A great example is La Chiva, a South American food truck that has been roaming the Adelaide streets for several years now. By combining traditional and ethnic South American recipes with the freshest South Australian produce, La Chiva offers the most genuine South American street food experience. By chance, we caught up with them today to see what their food is all about.

Unlike other food trucks, La Chiva offers some tasty breakfast options. I went for the Bueno Dias Breeky in a pan blandito (soft bread). The roll was filled with soft Brazilian style black beans and a smokey salsa roja. This was along side a soft and delicate bacon and egg omelette as well as generous amounts of fresh coriander. Delicious and satisfying, it’s the perfect dish to start the day.

Next were their signature Yuca Chips. Nice and crunchy on the outside, and soft and delicate in the centre. A perfect side dish or snack for any time of the day.

A first for me were the Porky Balls. These delicious morsels are made from combining sweet plantain, smokey pork and cheese. The smokiness of the meat does well in balancing the sweetness of the plantain, and the gooey cheese cleverly holds everything together.

Last but not least was the Choripan, a traditional Argentinian sandwich. This dish takes you to the streets of South America. A perfectly cooked free range pork chorizo is combined with a spicy home made chimichurri and savour pebre salsa. The fresh rocket leaves add a crispy component, as does the freshly baked crusty bread.

La Chiva serves up such amazing South American street food. With warm, friendly service all coming from a food truck, it’s the most affordable way to sample their beautiful, exotic cuisine. Make sure you check out their website, Facebook or Instagram to find their whereabouts.

WHERE: Various locations


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