Bravo’s Kitchen

Today for lunch, Adelaide Food Central was invited to Bravo’s Kitchen on the Parade, Norwood. In the same location that was once Cafe Bravo, the business has come under new ownership. With it, is a revamped menu which offers a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Not only does Bravo’s Kitchen provide a range of Italian food including pasta and pizza, but they have also introduced a healthy breakfast menu as well as a vegan menu to attract a wider audience.

First up was the Vegetarian Linguini with pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, roasted capsicum, napolitana sauce and goats cheese. Vegetarian dishes can sometimes be quite bland but this pasta was full of flavour. The beautiful light napolentana sauce combined with the fresh vegetables and goat’s cheese gave for a very fresh and fulfilling dish. The serving size was exceptionally fantastic and you most defiantly won’t be leaving hungry after this plate of gorgeous pasta.

Next was the Atlantic Salmon, oven baked with fennel and potato salad, steamed broccilini finished with an herb lemon and butter sauce. I am actually not a big fan of whole fish, but this was the highlight dish of the day. The crispy skin on the salmon was salty and delicious. Paired with the creamy potato salad and the crunchy, fresh broccolini this dish was sensational. The fish was cooked to perfection, portraying an opaque pink colour and the flesh pulling off the fish easily.

At Adelaide Food Central, we love our burgers, so we couldn’t go past the Bravo Chicken Burger – southern fried chicken burger with chilli pepper aioli and dry slaw. The crispy chicken was sandwiched between a lightly toasted bun and paired with crunchy slaw and aioli. Even though the coating was a bit floury, the chicken itself was cooked well and not too oily. The chicken was crunchy and delicious and paired well with the chilli pepper aioli. It’s often that burgers these days are made with brioche buns, so it was a nice surprise to see the traditional burger bun with seeds being used.

We also love our pizza and we went with the Caprese – Italian sausage, mozzarella, cherry tomato, white anchovies and bocconcini. I thoroughly enjoyed this pizza as it was prepared on a thin base and a generous amount of topping was given. The salty anchovies paired very well with the smoky sausage and fresh cherry tomatoes. The sauce that was used on the base was extremely authentic, and was similar to something my Nonna would use. This pizza was very good quality and I can see why their pizza menu is a huge success.

A favourite that we like to order is the squid, so it was easy decision to go with the Lemon Pepper Squid with rocket, peach and cherry tomatoes served with wasabi aioli. The squid itself was cooked well and I enjoyed the thick, juicy pieces that were used. I was a little hesitant to try the wasabi aioli as I don’t do well with spice, but it was a highlight of the dish. The subtle hint of wasabi paired fantastically well with the squid and the fresh and colourful side salad. I loved the sweet addition of the peach as it gave the dish a little bit of difference.

To end, we had the Roasted Vegetable Salad with spiced hummus puree roasted carrot, beetroot, parsnips and pumpkin. In all honesty salad does not really excite me, but this Mediterranean inspired dish was made perfectly. The sweet flavours of the roasted vegetables paired extremely well with the spiced hummus. I really enjoyed the idea of the parsnips being used, as they are slightly different to most vegetables and it made the dish more interesting.

Bravo’s Kitchen is open Monday to Sunday 8am-10pm. Located in the heart of the Parade, Norwood, it is an easy place to meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We would like to thank Owner, Nick, and all the staff at Bravo’s Kitchen for their kind hospitality and giving us a taste of their beautiful menu.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 140 The Parade, Norwood



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