MW – Hindley St – Adelaide

They often say that an eatery is authentic when you see people from that nationality dine inside. That’s exactly how we felt when we walked past the new MW on Hindley Street in the city. As one of two stores of the same name in the CBD, MW offers a selection of dumplings, rice noodles and don. The menu is well thought out with pictures, Chinese descriptions and most importantly, details in English.

Tonight, I ordered the Japanese Beef Curry with Rice. It’s such a simple dish, you can’t really get this wrong can you? Unfortunately, you can. The rice to meat ratio was out of proportion and they were really conservative with the curry sauce. I felt there should have been enough curry sauce to mix with all the rice. The thin slices of beef were also a little fatty to one side.

Kiara ordered the Steamed Pork Dumplings. I was told the filling was well seasoned and you could see the individual ingredients, which is just how she likes it. She did comment that the dumpling skin was a bit dry.

The service is fairly quick here with our meals coming out within ten minutes of ordering. We did notice the surrounding tables not being cleared with one customer cleaning the tables himself. The atmosphere was relaxed which is a surprise for Hindley Street. The pricing is reasonable with dishes starting from $5.90 and going all the way up to $17.90. For us, the food was average, but fair for what we paid.

WHERE: 31-33 Hindley St, Adelaide


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