Cibo – Coffee Culture Event

Tonight, Adelaide Food Central was invited to a VIP Coffee Culture event at Cibo Espresso Rundle Street. Since 2000 the Cibo Espresso franchise has provided their customers with the simple things in life, in an authentic Italian way. Cibo strives to bring friends and family together to enjoy luscious Italian pastries, aromatic coffee, gelato and light lunches.

Barista Robbie opened up our eyes to the wonderful world of coffee and educated us on different blends and strengths. Cibo use a medium strength bean in their coffee as it suits the average coffee drinker.  Four different blends are used, Brazilian and Indonesian, which bring out chocolate flavours, and Ethiopian and Costa Rican blends for the fruity and acidic flavours. These four elements are used to create the perfect Cibo cup of coffee. Robbie also enlightened us to the fact that the barista is not always the key to the perfect cup, but external influences play a large role. Robbie kindly gave us some lessons on coffee art, explaining to us that simplicity and neatness is the key. We were lucky enough to experiment with the coffee art, making up our own extremely unique ‘masterpieces’.

Cibo also provided us with some delicious panini, miniature cannoli, zeppole and pesto pasta salad. The highlight of the evening was the cannoli, which had a smooth filling, crispy outside and then topped with crunchy pistachios. We also enjoyed the pesto pasta salad, which had a light olive oil, and pesto dressing finished with parmesan cheese. These Italian delicacies showcased to us just how authentic Cibo food and coffee is.

We would like to thank Barista Robbie and all the staff at Cibo Espresso Rundle Street for having us at this wonderful evening full of coffee, food and fantastic company. We’d also like to thank Grays PR for making it all possible.

Words by Tomika Salerno from Eat Food Galore


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