The Great Tomich Grape Stomp & Fringe Party

In true Tomich Wines style, their great Tomich Grape Stomp and Fringe party was an upbeat and fun night. The amazing selections of the Tomich Wines paired with the beautiful canapés of Casablala, and the excitement and musical stylings of the mariachi band made for a wonderful evening.

Set in the beautiful outdoor area and top bar of Casablabla, Adelaide Food Central was kindly invited to join in the Tomich festivities. The Highlight of the night, being the grape stomp! With 3 teams competing to be the ultimate grape stompers, and everyone else invited to give it a go.

The Tomich range of wines, whilst all fantastic, the biggest stand out for me last night was definitely the “Sparkling ‘M’” what a truly amazing wine. It is perfect for those hot nights and days, it was utterly refreshing and perfectly balanced in terms of not too sweet and not too bubbly.

Casablabla showcased some lovely canapés such as balsamic figs, pork tacos and some really flavoursome Asian style oysters. Over all it was a fantastic night filled with amazing wine, great food, wonderful entertainment and an astounding atmosphere.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the staff at Casablabla for their food, everyone at Tomich Wines for their delicious drops, and of course, Cassie Young PR for having us.

Words by Kiara Peressin


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