Arriba Grill – Prospect

It’s been over three years since my last visit to Arriba Grill. The second of two stores in South Australia is located on the Prospect Road cafe precinct among other popular eateries. Like the store in Cumberland Park, the place is smallish but you could easily seat 30 people both inside and out.

Arriba Grill is like a Mexican Subway store that incorporates a unique ordering system. All customers are given a menu, you write your name and tick a few boxes, and your order is prepared. It’s actually quite simplistic and clever if you think about it. The main selling point at this place is that all the ingredients are fresh and organic. When the word “organic” is used, that just means I’m going to be paying more for my meal.

Today, I ordered the White Burrito. It consisted of beef, black beans, lime rice, pinto beans, tomato, lettuce, cheese and jalapeno. The dish was well presented and the beef had a lovely char grilled flavour. The vegetables were fresh and the beans were full of flavour.

The staff here were really friendly and they actually looked like they enjoyed working there. The pricing is fair with the most expensive main dish being $15, although if you want extras, it will cost you a bit more. The atmosphere was relaxed, and because of the limited seating, most of their clients are takeaway customers.

I like the concept and simplicity of this place, as well as the service. The food wasn’t too bad either.

WHERE: 78B Prospect Rd, Prospect


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