Ninh Kieu Mekong

Vietnamese food has been trending for a few years now, and it’s no surprise that one of the new kids on the block down the Rundle Street cafe precinct, serves up Vietnamese cuisine. They have a decent sized menu with 64 items to choose from. These range from entrees, soups, salads, grilled meats, wok tossed dishes, rice dishes, noodle soups and vermicelli noodle salads. As part of their opening special, no dishes were above $13.50.

We started off with the Special Mekong Spring Rolls that come in a serve of three. From the outside, they look like your typical Asian spring roll but the inside was a total surprise. The filling consisted of prawn, calamari, corn, peas, onion, red capsicum, mayonnaise and cheese. You could taste the odd piece of prawn or calamari, and visually see the corn and peas. The mayonnaise was tangy and the cheese was gooey. We personally didn’t mind it, but it was all very western to us.


The Salt and Pepper Squid is a classic dish that you find at most pubs and Asian restaurants. The morsels of squid were lightly battered, and were juicy and succulent. By themselves, the squid pieces were a little bland. It was the combination of capsicum, onion, green onion and lemongrass, which gave the dish more depth.


To go with our mains, we went with the Special Fried Rice which contains roast chicken, Chinese sausage, peas, prawn, egg and bean shoots. The dish was colourful and nicely presented, but again it was a little on the bland side, however, we did appreciate the generous serving size.


The Half Roast Duck with Lychee Red Curry will impress you with its vibrant red colour. On closer inspection, the duck itself did appear small. The red curry sauce was full of flavour with nice kick to it. The duck was a little on the dry side, but if you combined it with the lychee and curry sauce, it wasn’t too bad.


The best dish of the lot was the Crispy Barramundi Fillet with Thai Sauce. The fillet was a decent size, but upon closer inspection, it did look like something you’d get from a fish and chip shop. The fish was well cooked, and juicy and succulent, however you could taste the oiliness. The Thai sauce had at thick consistency and was sweet, and really made the dish.


The average price for entrees is $7.50, while mains are around $21. Not bad considering you’re on Rundle Street in the CBD. The staff were friendly and attentive, however, that dropped off as the night progressed. As food bloggers, our tastes become more refined and our expectations are a bit higher. We thought the dishes we had tonight were westernised and also very average. That’s not to say that people that eat here won’t like it, it’s just that we’ve had better.

WHERE: 282 Rundle St, Adelaide

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