Onyx Vintage

Renew Adelaide, the leaders in connecting emerging creative based initiatives with property owners, have launched their 123rd project, Onyx Vintage.


Located in the Citi Centre Arcade in Rundle Mall, the store is a retail shop established by owners Bernie Elston and Tegan Solly. The team come from a retail background and are establishing their first retail venture to cater for alternative culture. “This store has every type of alternative clothing mashed together. It’s crazy stuff for crazy people” says co-owner Bernie Elston. This includes the drag-queen friendly concept which offers individually customised clothing, as well as hand-picked vintage with a focus on leather. “A majority of the clothing has been found in op-shops, 90% of which are for women, while the remaining can be classified as uni-sex.” says co-owner Bernie Elston.


“Tegan and I are looking forward to sharing our crazy things with crazy people! But we’ve got plenty of variety, something for everyone so we hope everyone will come to have a look.” says co-owner Bernie Elston. Bernie comes to Renew Adelaide after setting up a string of successful pop-up shops in Newtown, Sydney, and some local pop-ups at Gilles Street and Ebeneezer Place, and looks forward to consolidating her retail concept here. The store is also to be used as a base for their online retail operation with the goal of establishing a label of their own.


“Bernie and Tegan’s Onyx Vintage is a great new addition to the Renew Adelaide projects. It’s great to be supporting a business for a super cool culture in Adelaide that can have a fashion hub in the heart of Adelaide City’s retail.” says Renew Adelaide CEO, Tim Boundy.

Renew Adelaide’s activities in Adelaide CBD are funded by the State Government and Adelaide City Council.

Onyx Vintage launches today and is open everyday except Sunday and Monday.

WHERE: Citi Centre Arcade, 141 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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